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    GeoVision GV-MK135 download pdf for GeoVision  GV-MK135

    GeoVison - GV-AS ID Card Tag Type 13.56.

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    GeoVision  GV-MK135

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      GeoVision GV-MK135

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      Geovision  GV‐AS ID Card / GV‐AS ID Key Fob / GV‐UHF Tag / GV‐Patrol Tag

      GV‐AS ID Card is ideal for business environment where identity and access control are important for security reasons. GV‐AS ID Key Fob, designed for easy carrying and key replacement, is ideal for residential application. GV‐UHF Tag is ideal for parking lot management. GV‐Patrol Tag is ideal as easily‐installed patrol sites with high mobility. These access cards, key fobs and tags are compatible with the devices below. 

      Key Features:

      • 125 KHz Card / Key Fob 
      • 13.56 MHz ISO 1444‐3A Card / Key Fob / Patrol Tag 
      • 900 MHz ISO 18000‐6C Tag 


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