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    Surge Protection

    CCTV surge protection is a major element in safeguarding surveillance systems from the damaging effects of electrical surges. These surges, often caused by lightning strikes or power fluctuations, can wreak havoc on CCTV equipment, leading to costly repairs or replacements. Surge protection devices act as a barrier, diverting excessive voltage away from sensitive components within the CCTV system.

    Surge Protection

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    Nitek - Single Channel, Multifunction Surge Protector For In-Line Video, RS422 And 24VAC PSU, 2.8v Clamping Amp, <0.2 dB.
    Nitek - Camera RS422, 24VAC Surge Protector, Single Channel, Multi-stage.
    Nitek - UTP Video Balun Multi-Function Surge Protector, 2.8V Clamping Voltage.
    Nitek - Multi-Function In-Line Surge Protector Forutp Based Fixed And Pan/Tilt/Zoom CCTV Camera Systems, 2.8V Clamping Voltage.
    Nitek - DVR Surge Protector, 16 Channel, Multistage BNC In To BNC Out Rack Mounted, 2.8V Multi-Stage Protection.
    Nitek - IP Cameras over Coax Surge Protector, Supports 10/100 Networks, Separate 12-24V Protection.
    Nitek - IP Cameras over Coax 16 Channel Surge Protector, Supports 10/100 Networks.
    Nitek - IP 12 Port Surge Protector, Supports 10/100 Network, Rackmountable, RJ-45 Input.
    Nitek - IP Camera Surge Protector, Supports 10/100 Networks, RJ-45 Input.

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