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    Nitek - Single Channel, Multifunction Surge Protector For In-Line Video, RS422 And 24VAC PSU, 2.8v Clamping Amp, <0.2 dB.

    Nitek - Coaxial Cable In-Line Surge Protector For CCTV Cameras, 2.8V Clamping Voltage, Heave Duty Single Point Ground.

    Nitek - Camera RS422, 24VAC Surge Protector, Single Channel, Multi-stage.

    Nitek - UTP Video Balun Multi-Function Surge Protector, 2.8V Clamping Voltage.

    Nitek - Multi-Function In-Line Surge Protector Forutp Based Fixed And Pan/Tilt/Zoom CCTV Camera Systems, 2.8V Clamping Voltage.

    Nitek - DVR Surge Protector, 16 Channel, Multistage BNC In To BNC Out Rack Mounted, 2.8V Multi-Stage Protection.

    Nitek - IP Cameras over Coax Surge Protector, Supports 10/100 Networks, Separate 12-24V Protection.

    Nitek - IP Cameras over Coax 16 Channel Surge Protector, Supports 10/100 Networks.

    Nitek - IP 12 Port Surge Protector, Supports 10/100 Network, Rackmountable, RJ-45 Input.

    Nitek - IP Camera Surge Protector, Supports 10/100 Networks, RJ-45 Input.

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