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    The CCTV Camera Lens is an optical device designed to improve surveillance systems. Equipped with advanced features like adjustable aperture and variable focal length, it allows for capturing detailed images with flexibility. This prime lens enhances image clarity, focus, and depth of field, resulting in superior video quality for security purposes. Esentia holds official authorization as a distributor of this camera lens brand's security products. Whether you need wide-angle coverage or precise zooming, the CCTV Camera Lens offers reliable performance, making it an essential part of modern surveillance setups.

    Camera Lenses

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    Vivotek - Lens 12~50mm, F1.8, P-iris, 1/1.7", Supported Models IP816A-HP, IP816A-LPC, IP9181-H, IP9191-HP.
    Vivotek - Lens 25~135mm, F1.8, P-iris, 1/1.8", Supported Models IP816A-HP, IP816A-LPC, IP9165-HP, IP9165-HT, IP9165-LPC.
    KT&C - 2.8-12mm Varifocal Megapixel Lens.

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