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    Dahua - 12MP Lens, Image size: 1/1.7", Aperture: F1.5, Focus length: 3.7-16mm, Mount: CS.

    Hanwha - 3MP CS-Mount Lens, 1/2.7", 3 MP, Vari-focal (15-50mm), Auto DC Iris, Tele Range 3.3x

    Hanwha - 6MP CS-Mount Lens, 1/1.8", Vari-focal (4.1-9mm), Auto DC Iris

    Hanwha - 3MP CS-Mount Lens, 1/2.8", Vari-focal (2.8-9.0mm), Auto DC Iris,

    Hanwha - 3MP CS-Mount Lens, 1/2.8", Vari-focal (2.8-9.0mm), Auto P Iris

    Vivotek - Lens, 8~80mm, F1.6, DC-iris, 1/2", Supported Models IP816A-HP, IP816A-LPC, IP9165-HT, IP9165-HP, IP9165-LPC.

    Vivotek - Lens 12~50mm, F1.8, P-iris, 1/1.7", Supported Models IP816A-HP, IP816A-LPC, IP9181-H, IP9191-HP.

    Vivotek - Lens 25~135mm, F1.8, P-iris, 1/1.8", Supported Models IP816A-HP, IP816A-LPC, IP9165-HP, IP9165-HT, IP9165-LPC.

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