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    As the leading supplier of the newest point-of-sale video surveillance systems, American Video Equipment has established a strong brand for itself. As an authorized distributor, Esentia offers security devices made under the American Video Equipment Brand. American Video Equipment is unmatched in its ability to integrate cameras with point-of-sale terminals and cash registers, including sophisticated PC-based systems, with a high degree of support and compatibility. Having served as the distributor of American Video Equipment 's wide range of products for the past two decades, Esentia Systems uses its experience in video integration to meet and exceed your unique needs for POS overlay security.


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    AVE - Cash Register Interface to HD Video Interface, Text Inserter Register Specific For RS-232 Registers (No Cables Or Interfaces). Link the transaction information from the POS to HD-TVI, AHD, H (more...)
    AVE - Cable Tap For VSI, Specify Register Make And Model.
    AVE - TCP/IP Adaptor For All VSSI-PRO-ATM.
    AVE - Picture In Picture And Screen Splitting Device (Color Inset Picture In 1/16 & 1/19 Size).
    AVE - Hydra Is An Interface Device That Allows The Connection Of Multiple Cash Register Terminals Using The REGCOM Slave Units For The Purpose Of Transaction Logging.
    AVE - Cash Register Interface, Text Inserter Register Specific For RS-232 Registers (No Cables Or Interfaces).
    AVE - Video Identification System, Over-Lays ID On camera Video Image, Ideal For Bars, Nightclubs, Liquor Sales, Gun Shops, Ect..
    AVE - ATM Interface Taps Modem Communications (Includes Triport 2Ch. 08-085).
    AVE has earned its reputation as a global leader in the area of POS (Point of Sale) Video Surveillance in the Retail Loss Prevention sector. Their POS Solutions and interface products provide the largest support of Cash Register and POS terminals including advanced PC based systems. Esentia Systems has beeen a distributor for AVE for 20 years and offers the complete product line to help solve your security camera POS overlay.

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