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    Vivotek AM-713-E

    Vivotek - Conduit box with EPoC Tx module for Outdoor fixed dome, Bult-in 6KV Surge Protection for BNC Port, Extend Ethernet and Power up to 1,200m (3,937 ft) over RG6 Coaxial Cable, Supported Models: FD836BA-EHTV, FD836BA-EHVF2, FD836BA-HTV, FD836BA-HVF2, FD8382-ETV, FD8382-EVF2, FD8382-TV, FD8382-VF2, FD9371-EHTV, FD9371-HTV, FD9381-EHTV, FD9381-HTV, MS8392-EV, FD9365-(E)HTV, FD9367-(E)H(T)V, FD8377-(E)HTV, FD9387-(E)H(T)V, FD9391-EHTV.

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    Vivotek  AM-713-E

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      Vivotek AM-713-E

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