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    Enclosures and housings protect electronic parts and devices from external elements, preventing physical damage and dust accumulation. These protective structures create a safe and controlled environment, ensuring the longevity and functionality of highly sensitive devices. Whether used in consumer electronics or industrial facilities, enclosures are essential for safeguarding valuable equipment and tools.

    Housings & Enclosures

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    White Electrical Box for HNC301-VB / HNC312-VB / HNC303-VB / HNC304-VB / HNC105-VB. **HIKVision OEM**
    Indoor/Outdoor Housing, Extruded Aluminum build in heater/blower, Plate Glass:5mm, 15.3? 24VAC. **OEM Hikvision - No Logo**
    Indoor/Outdoor housing mount for HTH-S3 series, Extruded Aluminum. **OEM Hikvision - No Logo**
    Dahua - Outdoor Bullet Housing with IR LEDs, Built-in Heater, IP67/IK10 Rated.
    Dahua - 14-in. Housing with Optional IR Illumination, Outdoor Bullet Housing, Optional Built-in IR Illumination and Heater, Designed for Reliability and Aesthetics, IP67/IK10 Rated.
    Dahua - Sun/Rain Sheild, Aluminum and SGCC Steel Construcition.
    LILIN - IR Infrared Panel Illuminator with Radiant Distance of 150m, 60 Degree Beam, 850nm, AC100-240V, 42W, IP67.
    LILIN - IR Infrared Panel Illuminator with Radiant Distance of 200m, 30 Degree Beam, 850nm, AC100-240V, 42W, IP67.
    GeoVision - GV-Housing102 box housing on BX47/57 except BX5700-8F.

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