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    GeoVision GV-Housing102 download pdf for GeoVision  GV-Housing102

    GeoVision - GV-Housing102 box housing on BX47/57 except BX5700-8F.

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    GeoVision  GV-Housing102

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      GeoVision GV-Housing102

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      Geovision  GV-Housing102 Housing Box  

      GV-Housing102 is a housing box designed to support the outdoor Box Camera installation with external protection. It conforms to IP67 and IK10 standards, and includes a heater and a fan. GV-Housing102 also supports GV-Mount accessories, allowing the Box Camera to be installed on poles, convex and concave surfaces. Adopting the housing box enables flexible installation of the Box Camera to meet your needs for IP surveillance in a variety of environmental conditions. 

      Applied to :

      • GV-BX2700-3V 
      • GV-BX4700 Series 
      • GV-BX5700-3V 
      • GV-BX2700-FD 
      • GV-BX2600-FD 
      • GV-BX4700-FD 
      • GV-BX8700-FD 
      • GV-BX8700 


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