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    GeoVision GV-EV48-24 download pdf for GeoVision  GV-EV48-24

    GeoVision - 24 Floors: Built-in 24 Relay Outputs to Support up to 24 Elevator Floors, Support up to 2 GV-Readers / GV-GF Fingerprint Readers through Network Connection and RS-485 Connection, Built-in Battery, CPU 32-bit ARM7TDMI.

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    GeoVision  GV-EV48-24

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      GeoVision GV-EV48-24

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      Geovision  Elevator IP Control Panel

      GV‐EV48 is an elevator controller designed to control access of 1 elevator with a maximum of 48 floors. Up to 2 GV‐Readers / GV‐GF Fingerprint Readers can be connected to GV‐EV48 using RS‐485 connection and network connection. GV‐EV48 can recognize identification cards and grant access to the authorized floors only. 

      Key Features:

      • Grant access to specific elevator floors using access cards, card's PIN code or fingerprint 
      • GV‐EV48 – 24 Floors: Built‐in 24 relay outputs to support up to 24 elevator floors 
      • GV‐EV48 – 48 Floors: Built‐in 48 relay outputs to support up to 48 elevator floors 
      • Support up to 2 GV‐Readers / GV‐GF Fingerprint Readers through network connection and RS‐485 connection 
      • Support up to 48 I/O ports of any GV‐I/O Box 4/8/16 Ports 


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