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    Dahua DHI-IVSS7016DR-2I download pdf for Dahua  DHI-IVSS7016DR-2I

    Dahua - 256-channel Intelligent Video Surveillance Server, 512Mbps/384Mbps (256 channel IP Video Inputs, up to 12MP resolution), Decoding of 6ch-12MP@20fps, 6ch-8MP@30fps; 24ch-1080p@30fps, Audio, Alarm, 3U, 4x 1000Mbps RJ-45 Ports , H.265+/H.264+, face recognition, perimeter protection.

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    Dahua  DHI-IVSS7016DR-2I

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      Dahua DHI-IVSS7016DR-2I

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      Dahua 256-channel Intelligent Video Surveillance Server

      The Dahua Intelligent Video Surveillance Server Series (IVSS) combines Deep Learning algorithms, a powerful Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), and an advanced Network Video Recorder (NVR) into an all-in-one Artificial Intelligence server. Dahua built the IVSS series from the ground-up as a dedicated AI surveillance server that eliminates the complications of browser updates, incompatible camera plug-ins, incompatible flash memory, and outdated Web technology. The integrated GPU module and advanced deep learning algorithms perform powerful video structure analysis with metadata, achieve precision human facial analysis, and support 16 channels of real-time face recognition based on a database that stores up to 300,000 faces. IVSS technology captures, records and categorizes various facial features, including age, gender, expression, and whether the target face wears glasses or sports facial hair; compares the data to faces in the database, and displays real-time facial recognition data. IVSS offers advanced features to customize the powerful Dahua Analytics for different applications. For example, facial feature filtering displays only those faces that meet target criteria and Stranger Mode detects a face not stored in the database and triggers an alarm, takes a snapshot, or records the face for further scrutiny. The IVSS is ideal for applications that require entrance/exit management, where knowing who is coming and going is a valuable asset. 

      Key Features:

      • Intel Quad-core Processor 
      • Maximum 512 Mbps Incoming Bandwidth 
      • 256 IP Channel Video Access 
      • Facial Database Management, Stores up to 300,000 Faces 
      • Facial Recognition Processing on Up to 16 Channels 
      • Stranger Mode to Detect Faces not Stored in Database 
      • Perimeter Protection on 32 Channels 
      • Supports RAID 0/1/5/6/10 
      • SAS 3.0 for Storage Extension 
      • Three (3) HDMI and One (1) VGA Video Outputs 
      • Redundant Power
      Real-time Face Recognition

      The IVSS7016 performs real-time facial recognition on up to 16 channels simultaneously. In addition to the 300,000 facial images, the IVSS database also stores names, genders, birthdays, nationality, address, and ID information associated with each facial image. IVSS offers powerful and configurable database management features that can be applied to each face recognition channel independently. 

      Perimeter Protection

      Dahua Analytics+ includes Tripwire and Intrusion functions that offer custom tripwires based on object type for automation in limited access areas. Perimeter Protection requires less pixels to detect an object to deliver improved accuracy and decreased false alarms due to lights, weather, trees, or animals. 

      Stranger Mode

      IVSS supports two facial detection modes: Regular and Stranger. In Stranger mode, when IVSS detects a face not stored in the device's database, it can trigger an alarm, a buzzer, take a snapshot, or initiate recording. IVSS also incorporates a Similarity Threshold, where the server triggers an alarm for a face that does not match a minimum recognition level. The Stranger Mode and the Similarity Threshold are designed for critical infrastructure sites where access control is of vital importance.

      Efficient Search

      IVSS searches images by facial features to improve search efficiency. The server support uploading and storing 100,000 facial images for comparison with recorded faces. This search capability allows operators to quickly and easily search multiple channel recordings to determine when and where a person of interest appeared in a recording.

      High Efficiency Video Coding (H.265)

      The H.265 (ITU-T VCEG) video compression standard offers double the data compression ratio at the same level of video quality, or substantially improved video quality at the same bit rate, as compared to older video compression technologies. H.265 offers such impressive compression by expanding the pattern comparison and difference-coding, improving motion vector prediction and motion region merging, and incorporating an additional filtering step called sample-adaptive offset filtering.


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