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    Vivotek - 32Ch. NVR, Embedded Linux, 4 GB RAM, MJPEG/H.264/H.265, 1920x1080 @ 480 fps, 4K Display, Fisheye Warp, 3.5 Phone Jack Audio Output x1, Internal x4 (3.5") Up to 8TB, DC 56V 2.32A.

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    Vivotek  ND9541

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      Vivotek ND9541

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      Vivotek  ND9541 H.265 16-CH/32-CH  Embedded NVR

      H.265/H.264 • 1080p Real-time • 4K Display • Dual LAN • 4x HDD • RAID • Fisheye Dewarp • Cybersecurity • Web Plugin Free

      VIVOTEK’s ND9441 and ND9541 are the brand new H.265 Linux-based embedded standalone NVRs. Equipped for up to 16-CH/32-CH network cameras, the NVRs feature wellbuilt ONVIF compliant and scalable configuration with VAST CMS empowering users to set up and manage advanced IP surveillance systems with ease. Both NVRs also support remote and mobile access, via VIVOCloud and iViewer app, for both iOS and Android handheld devices, providing users an open, flexible and intelligent NVRs for seamless use in small to medium sized video surveillance applications.  With H.265 compression technology and embedded with 4 HDD design providing up to 32TB, the ND9441 and the ND9541 offer greater than 30% ~ 50% more recording capacity than systems employing H.264 compression. This advance gives users larger storage space for longer durations of video recording. In order to provide uninterrupted service even when the network is temporally disrupted, both NVRs are also equipped with dual Ethernet ports, as well as providing the flexibility to connect with network cameras in network failover situations. Further, the RAID 0/1/5 configuration provides further data security in the rare event of a hard drive failure. Further enabling the recording of high-quality and detailed images, the ND9441 and the ND9541 support a maximum network camera resolution of 12-Megapixels. To intelligently manage bandwidth while maintaining this high-quality, the “Auto Adaptive Stream” function will adjust the display resolution automatically for each different layout type. Moreover, both NVRs support VIVOTEK’s fisheye network camera “Fisheye Dewarp” function, which provides multiple de-warping modes in live view and playback, ensuring the correct angle of video view and detailed information for flexible usage. Further, to quickly and intuitively find any target event, the ND9441 and the ND9541 are equipped with “StoryBoard Search” function, which provides a glimpse of past recordings over an intuitive timeline. Finally, the ND9441 and the ND9541 support HDMI and VGA local video output, so users can control the GUI OSD interface via mouse & keyboard, eliminating the need for a separate PC to search video or playback from the NVRs. Moreover, the intuitive and friendly VIVOTEK GUI design gives users an even smoother experience of control than ever before.

      Key Features:

      • H.265/H.264 Compression Technology 
      • 4K Display for Clear Monitoring 
      • Up to 1080p 16CH Decoding Ability 
      • Smart Search II 
      • Smart VCA Event Search 
      • Cybersecurity Management 
      • Trend Micro IoT Security within Standard Warranty Period 
      • RAID 0, 1, 5 Supported to Prevent from Recording Data Loss 
      • Multiple Browsers Supported: IE, Chrome and Firefox on both Windows & macOS 
      • Supports VCA Counting SolutionCore+ 3.0 Highlight Features

      Highlight Features:

      Core+ 3.0

      VIVOTEK Core+ 3.0 is the new generation ND series Network Video Recorder firmware, embedded with VIVOTEK’s latest technology that including smart search function and cybersecurity management, etc. To upgraded network video recorders ability, be smarter and safer. Core+ 3.0 provides ideal usability and a smoother user experience.

      Trend Micro IoT Security & Cybersecurity Management

      In collaboration with Trend Micro, VIVOTEK’s video recorder is embedded with anti-intrusion software with multi-layer protection, including brute force attack detection, intrusion detection & prevention, and instant damage control. Furthermore, VIVOTEK’s video recorder provides cybersecurity management solution. Once event notifications in video recorders have been set up, it will be immediately alerted when cyber attacks occur. Allowing users to receive notifications either automatically or manually, and real-time Cyber Risk Dashboard (VAST 2) to easily identify common types of cyber attacks.

      Smart Search II

      Based on the camera metadata recorded in the Hard Disk Drive, the Network Video Recorder is able to carry out a video analysis search on playback. Users can quickly sort through large amounts of evidence to find precisely what is needed.

      Smart VCA Event Search

      VIVOTEK Core+ 3.0 supports alarm management and event search of VIVOTEK’s deep-learning video analytic technology, which are Smart VCA, Smart 360 VCA and Smart Motion Detection.

      VCA Counting Solution

      The NVR supports VIVOTEK’s counting cameras and counting data storage. In local display mode, it can display the counting rule and the detected object information, as well as send that data to VIVOTEK’s backend system for counting results analysis.

      H.265 1080P Real-time Live Display

      Featuring a powerful multi-core SoC to provide 1080p (1920x1080) real-time live display so that users will not miss any information during monitoring, the NVRs also provide H.265 and VIVOTEK’s Smart Stream technology to help greatly save recording capacity than regular H.264 systems.

      4K IP Camera Video Input and 4K Local Video Output

      Supporting 4K IP camera video input and 4K local video output, VIVOTEK’s NVR can provide users extra high definition video resolution ensuring they will never miss a single detail in both video monitoring and recording.

      Chrome & Firefox Now Supported

      Support for plug-in free web browsers enables users with direct web viewing/ setting on IE, and now also on Chrome and Firefox web browsers, for both Windows and macOS.


      The RAID 0, 1, 5 configuration provides further data security and reliable video storage. (RAID Max. Volume: 16TB).

      Story Board Event Search

      To quickly and intuitively find any target event, we provide a glimpse of past recording over an intuitive timeline, allowing users to direct playback and archive their video within 10 seconds.


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