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Fixed Focal Length Lens

If you are looking for a fixed focal length lens for your camera, you've come to the right place. Esentia Systems Inc. carries a huge selection of security camera lenses and will certainly have the fixed lens that you are searching for. A fixed focal lens is one of the two basic lens types for CCTV cameras. They are found in cameras of all styles. As its name suggestions, the focal length of this type of lens is already "fixed" and cannot be adjusted.

When you are ready to buy a new fixed focal lens online, it is important that you consider the view of your surveillance camera. A fixed lens can be used for close-up video surveillance or to take images of wider views. It cannot be used for both. Because the lens that you purchase will only be one focal length, it cannot be changed without buying and installing a whole new lens with a different focal length. For this reason it is always important to use care when selecting the right fixed focal length lens. The focal length of the lenses that are provided by Esentia are measured in millimeters. A view with a wider angle is obtained by choosing a lens that is smaller in millimeters. For a more narrow view, choose a lens that is larger in millimeters.

In addition to focal length, there are other aspects to consider when choosing a fixed lens from our website. You will also want to pick between a lens with an auto iris or one with a manual iris. An auto iris fixed focal lens works well outdoors as it can adjust to the changes in light. Manual iris lenses are better in locations where the light remains relatively stable.

When it comes to selecting the fixed focal length lens for the security cameras guarding your home or business, let Esentia help. Our sales representatives have the experience to help you in choosing the correct lens for your surveillance camera. On our website you will also find valuable security equipment that can enhance or upgrade your current system, such as our CCTV cameras and DVRs. Don't delay! Order your fixed focal lens from us today!