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Hidden Security Cameras

In today's society video surveillance has become a necessary part of our lives. Security cameras are essential for the safety and protection of businesses, schools and homes. Many people elect to use hidden security cameras to protect their homes and businesses. Using hidden security camera systems is an ideal way to provide safety while also incorporating the style or décor of a home or business. There are many design options for a hidden security camera and the perfect place to buy them is online. The website Estenia Systems Inc. offers many means for video security including hidden security cameras and also CCTV cameras.

Some of the design options available for hidden security cameras include items that are commonly found in many homes and businesses. These design options include fire sprinklers, smoke detectors, ceiling lights, mirrors and clocks. These devices are not normally thought of as a way to provide video security. Cameras hidden in these devices allow for surveillance in areas that require monitoring such as healthcare facilities and schools without seeming obtrusive. Installing a security hidden camera is also a great option for convenience stores that may require extra surveillance options. A security camera hidden inside a height strip is a great way to capture images of customers as they are entering and leaving the store.

Besides being incorporated into common everyday items hidden security camera systems can also be installed as sensors and wall mounted plates that can be positioned into corners so they are not as noticeable. The wall mounted plates are shaped as triangular or square pieces of stainless steel with the security hidden camera inserted in the middle of the plate. These plates are mounted flush with the wall which makes them not as noticeable as some other security cameras. There are also many other items that can be used as a housing for a video security device. Cameras hidden in pens, clock radios and even Bluetooth ear pieces are also possible. A security camera hidden inside a sign displaying an image or slogan is also an option that would be perfect for any business that is looking to add to its array of security options.