Our Company

Our familiarity with the CCTV & Security industry issues, understanding of procedures and terminology, and awareness of the current problems and concerns that face your business enable us to 'hit the ground running' for you. Because we've worked with similar firms in your industry, we can objectively evaluate issues and make practical application of product technology that solves real business needs. We have vast experience in helping companies in the security, alarm, consultation and system integration fields with their product procurement.

Our industries of expertise are:

  • Product Distribution
  • System Design and Build
  • Digital Video Recorder Manufacturing & Assembly
  • Technical Support Services
  • Product Knowledge

Our vast experience differentiates us and enables your firm to excel beyond your competition. Our fully staffed sales team will provide product recommendations as well as alternative products to meet your installation and system build needs. After the sale, our technical support staff will provide complete assistance beyond that of our competition.

When you call us, you will always get a live English speaking representative on the phone to help you with your needs in a fast friendly manner.

In 1999 Esentia Systems, Inc. began by supplying the ever demanding DVR market with the industry leading DVR products of that time, since then we have grown to a full CCTV/Security Products distributor representing hundreds of different manufacturers. We offer a complete line of literally thousands of CCTV and Security Camera products for sale to security companies nationwide.

We provide fulfillment shipping to companies that have customers nationwide and that do not stock items themselves. We strive to be the leader in CCTV distribution therefore we are always providing cutting edge technology and innovation. Whether you are a large company with hundreds of employees, or a small company with a handful of employees, we treat each one as a top priority and our goal is 100% satisfaction.

Partnership Approach

Esentia's approach to solving client business problems and implementing successful business solutions is a result of our unique partnership approach:

  • Customer devotion demands that we provide uncompromising, personal service
  • Industry expertise effectively marries our technology with your objectives
  • Technology expertise across many environments enables Esentia to provide a cutting edge solution to nearly every situation
  • Proven product platforms provide reliable, cutting edge technology
  • Esentia works together with each client to provide continuity and assure that objectives are delivered on time and within budget. Our goal is to become an extension of the customer's organization.

Quality Commitment

Esentia is committed to adhering to strict quality standards in accordance with its mission statement and supporting our customers in achieving their quality objectives. Our support and engineering personnel are experienced in virtually all aspects of execution and management including the requirements of stringent quality standards and close communication with clients. We have extensive quality training for all teams, ensuring that they understand the business processes, quality methods, and standards.

Esentia's Strengths

  • Dedicated in-house engineering and support
  • Strong product platforms and proprietary technology
  • Heavy investment in research, development and technical support