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Nitek CJX30 Nitek CJX30

Nitek - RG59/U Coax Jumper Assembly, 3Ft. Long, Kit of 16.

Standard Price: $62.10 *
Vivotek RX9401 Vivotek RX9401

Vivotek - 4K Video Receiver, Up to 8MP Camera, Up to 16 Channel IP Camera Input, Embedded Linux, 30fps @3840x2160, H.265/H.264, Fisheye Dewarp, USB Dongle, DC 12V.

Standard Price: $225.00
Dahua PFM810 Dahua PFM810

Dahua - POC Transceiver, 1 Channel HDCVI/HDTVI/AHD/CVBS, Transmission Distance: 720P/1080P: 400m(Max), BNC-M, DC12V 4W/DC12V 3W/DC12V 9W/DC12V 6W/DC12V 3W.

Standard Price: $41.38
Dahua PFM801-4MP Dahua PFM801-4MP

Dahua - 4MP 1-Ch Passive HD-CVI Balun with Power, Transmission Distance: 720P Up to 312.34ft/1080P Up to 820.21ft/ 4MP Up to 656.17ft, BNC-M, RJ45, UTP CAT5E/6, DC24-36V.

Standard Price: $28.78
Dahua PFM801 Dahua PFM801

Dahua - Passive HDCVI Balun with Power, Use Single UTP (CAT-5E and CAT-6) Transmit 1-Ch HD Video Signal and 1-Ch DC Power, RJ45, Transmission Distance: HDCVI: 720P, 400M(Max); 1080P, 200M(Max), DC24-36V.

Standard Price: $26.98
Dahua PFM800-E Dahua PFM800-E

Dahua - 1-Ch Passive HD-CVI Balun, Transmission Distance: 720P Up to1312.34ft / 1080p Up to 820.21ft, HDCVI/AHD/TVI/CVBS Compatible Format, UTP CAT 5E/6.

Standard Price: $10.78
Dahua DH-PFM800-4MP Dahua DH-PFM800-4MP

Dahua - 4MP 1-Ch Passive HD-CVI Balun, Transmission Distance: 720p Up to 1312.34 ft, 1080p Up to 820.21 ft, 4MP Up to 656.17 ft, UTP CAT 5E/6, Compatible Format: HDCVI/AHD/TVI/CVBS.

Standard Price: $12.00
Dahua PFM800-4K Dahua PFM800-4K

Dahua - 1-Ch Passive Video Balun, UTP CAT5E/6 , BNC-M, RJ45, Complatible Format: HDCVI/TVI/AHD/CVBS,  Resolution: 720P/1080P/4MP/5MP/4K.

Standard Price: $34.18
Dahua PFM710 Dahua PFM710

Dahua - VGA Extender, Use Single UTP (CAT-5E and CAT-6) Transmit 1-Ch Video,1KV, Transmitter: 85mm,64mm,28 mm, Receiver: 85mm,64mm,28 mm.

Standard Price: $66.58
Dahua PFM700-E Dahua PFM700-E

Dahua - HDMI Extender, Use Single UTP (CAT-5E and CAT-6) to transmit 1-Ch HDMI Video Signal, Support HDMI 1.3; Support HDMI Local Loop Output; Support EDID, RJ45 Port, DC5V.

Standard Price: $127.78
Nitek UTPSYS16 Nitek UTPSYS16

Nitek - UTP Video, Power & Data Headend Distribution System; 16 ports; Expandable; Includes 1-CX254 & 4-CHM22.

Standard Price: $1,429.65
Nitek TS510M Nitek TS510M

Nitek - Active Video & Power Balun System; Weather Resistant Design; 100 To 1,000Ft.; Includes VB43ATF, TR510.

Standard Price: $194.40
Optalex MUTPCVI 1CH. Optalex MUTPCVI 1CH.

Optaplex - 1Ch. CVI Passive Video Transmitter, Screw Free Terminal. Compatible with all HD-CVI, HD-TVI, HD-AHD cameras.  Up to 450m for 720P CVI, Up to 250m for 1080P CVI, Up to 250m for 720P/1080P TVI, Up to 320M for 720P AHD cameras. **Sold in Pairs**

Standard Price: $25.00
Altronix HubWay16Di Altronix HubWay16Di

Altronix - 16 Channel Passive UTP Transceiver Hub with Integral Camera Power, Video/Data up to 750 ft., 16 amp total current, individually selectable 24VAC or 28VAC isolated PTC Class 2 power limited outputs, 1U EIA 19"" Rack Mount Chassis, 115/230VAC Input, UL Listed (UL2044), cUL Listed.

Standard Price: $989.49
Altronix HubWayLD8D Altronix HubWayLD8D

Altronix - 8 Channel Active UTP Transceiver Hub with Integral Camera Power, Video/Data up to 3000 ft., 5 amp total current, individually selectable 24VAC or 28VAC PTC Class 2 power limited outputs, 1U EIA 19" Rack Mount Chassis, 115/230VAC Input, UL Listed (UL2044).

Standard Price: $770.54 *
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Twisted Pair Cables

We understand the importance of a quality security system has to your home or business and are dedicated to providing the best possible security solutions. When installing security cameras, twisted pair cables are needed to run to a cable converter box. The twisted pair cables are wound together to prevent interference and provide ensure the quality of the component. Essential to the operation of your security system, twisted pair cables provided by Esentia are compatible with a range of different manufacturer parts for the transmission of a single video signal.

We also carry wireless video transceivers that are effective up to 1000 ft. For commercial use, one may consider purchasing a component with the capability of transmitting or receiving multiple video signals.

Esentia Systems Inc. can help equip you with a video surveillance system for your home or business. Our experienced sales staff is available to assist you in finding everything needed to make sure your space is properly monitored, including the right amount of twisted pair cables and cable converter boxes. Once a purchase is made, our technical support team is also available to help troubleshoot as needed and provide guidance regarding any purchased surveillance equipment.

We offer free shipping on orders over $99.00 and make it easy to place an order via our website or over the phone. We also operate as a supplier for companies that sell and install security equipment directly to their customers. Our retail supplier, we pride ourselves in providing the best equipment at competitive prices and offer popular manufacturers, including EverFocus, GeoVision, and many more. Call us today to see how we can help you.