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Original - Professional Tool for CaP attaching and removing.

Standard Price: $75.00

Original - CaP Preperation Tool.

Standard Price: $10.00
Hunt HNC-4300H Hunt HNC-4300H

Hunt - 4.3" Touch Screen Onvif IP HD 1080p Analogue Camera Tester, Supports RS 485 PTZ Control, CVBS/HDMI input,  Built in WIFI, Speeds150M, Display Wireless Camera Image, Multi-functional Combination Interface, DC 12V,2A. **OEM Hikvision - No Logo**

Standard Price: $413.00
Hunt HAC-TT-X41T Hunt HAC-TT-X41T

Hunt - Analog & TVI Camera Testing Monitor, 7"TFT LCD, OSD Menu, 800x840, C110  220V 12.6V/ 1A. **OEM Hikvision - No Logo**

Standard Price: $203.00

ViewZ - 7" IP LED Test Monitor, Touch Screen, 1280 x 800 Resolution, H.265/H.264, 5MP TVI/ 4MP CVI/ 4MP AHD/ HD-SDI/EX-SDI Test, Wifi Connection, Support Analog (CVBS) Video Test with NTSC/PAL, CVBS Loop Test, Support RS485 (Pelco PTZ Control), DC 12V/ 2A.

Standard Price: $511.52
Dahua DH-PFM900-E Dahua DH-PFM900-E

Dahua - Integrated Mount Tester, 4” IPS screen and QWERTY flip keyboard with 45keys, H.264/H.265 HD, Support IP, HDCVI/AHD/TVI/CVBS, Dual LED Flashlight, Build-in 8G flash, Replaceable 7.4V/22.2Wh Polymer Lithium Ion Battery, PoE power injector, output 48V/15W, input AC100~230V 50~60Hz/ MAX DC12V.

Standard Price: $851.38
Sapphire MHDMT450 Sapphire MHDMT450

Sapphire - 7" LCD Test Monitor with touch screen/ONVIF IP 2592x1520, CVBS/TVI/CVI/AHD 1080P/Wifi, POE power for camera, HDMI Output, PTZ Control, Ping Test, UTP Test, IP Discovery, Auto-Search IP, Supports 80 IP Camera brands including Geovision, Hikvision, Dahua, Honeywll, Samsung, etc.

Standard Price: $493.35

Cap - RCA Male Universal connector w/CAP - Pack of 10.

Standard Price: $24.00

Cap - RCA Female Universal connector w/CAP - Pack of 10.

Standard Price: $24.00

Cap - F-Connector - Screw-On W/Cap - Pack of 10.

Standard Price: $23.00

Original - Ratchet Compression Coax Crimp Tool For RG-59 & RG6.

Standard Price: $27.00 *

Original - Pro Tool Crimp Kit, Includes 100 BNC: BNC Female, RCA Male, RCA Female, Coupler, F-Male Screw-On, F-Male Push-On (All With Cap's), Plus 8 Extra Color Cap's, 10 Cable Tie Holes, 10 Cable Ties.

Standard Price: $340.75 *

Original - Connecttight Type Tool For BNC Male, F-Male And RCA Male Compression Fittings.

Standard Price: $65.00 *

Cap- Replacement BNC Male Connector For Cap Kit, Pack Of 10.

Standard Price: $23.00 *

Original - Plastic Coaxial Connector, Black, UV Resistant, Packs Of 25.

Standard Price: $18.00 *
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Wire Strippers

When it comes to setting up your in-home video security system, don’t forget to get good wire strippers. The best wire crimpers not only strip the plastic casing from the cable, but they also allow you to compress the appropriate cable end easily onto the cable to make your own cable connections. Any handy person needs good wire strippers and the accompanying cable connectors to replace any connectors that aren’t working properly. Affordable RG6 tools will work for your video surveillance or the television cable that comes into your home. RG-6 coaxial cable is the most common cable used for many of these applications.

RG-59 coaxial cable is specifically designed for use with digital cable TV, a satellite Internet or TV system or for use with your home-based video surveillance system. Budget RG59 tools; include good wire strippers or the best wire crimpers. The best wire crimping kits will have good wire strippers that can be interchanged and used for RG-6 or RG-59 coaxial cables. Many of the kits available will have both of the best wire crimpers in the kit along with several connectors for both types of cable. This provides flexibility and long-term use for many home projects requiring custom cable connections. With affordable RG6 tools or budget RG59 tools, you won’t have to buy another wire crimping set again.

Using the Stripping and Crimping Features

The way to use the wire strippers is to first grasp the tool in your hand. Along the jaws of the wire strippers are several different holes. One is specifically used for stripping the wire, while the others are used for compressing the cable connector ends onto the appropriate coaxial cable. Take the end of the coaxial cable that needs stripping and close the wire stripping portion of the stripper around the cable about a 1/2 inch up from the end of the cable. Close the wire strippers until it locks and then pull the stripper toward the end of the cable. A good pair of wire strippers will immediately remove the outer jacket of the coaxial cable and leave the copper wire exposed.

Place the connector onto the end of the cable, threading the copper wire through the middle, ensuring that the outer lip of the cable connector goes over the plastic covering of the cable, while the inner lip slides underneath the plastic covering and touches the silver material underneath. Once the connector is on tightly, find the hole on the wire crimper toward the handles of the crimper that matches the shape of the connector. Place the jaws around the end of the connector and squeeze the crimpers until the handles lock. Unlock the crimpers and the cable connector should now be compressed onto the coaxial cable.

A variety of affordable RG6 tools, as well as budget RG-59 tools, are available from Esentia Systems, Inc., a premier supplier of security system equipment and accessories online. For the handy do-it-yourselfer, there’s technical information and help, if needed, and affordable tools and equipment to create your own in-home closed circuit TV security system. Having a video surveillance system requires the use of coaxial cable, unless the system is wireless, to connect all the cameras up to the monitor. The most reliable systems are those that are wired because nothing can interfere with the signal and you are always ensured a clear video picture.

There are also hidden cameras available to use as “Nanny Cams” to keep an eye on people you have taking care of your children when you are not at home. These systems can easily be hooked up and the cables run in your attic or behind baseboards where they won’t be seen. Setting up your own in-home security system can give you added piece of mind, especially when you hook the system up to your computer. This allows the homeowner to access the system through a web browser connected to a computer or smartphone and check up on things at home. For the parents that have latchkey kids, you can place cameras in the home to keep an eye on them from a distance. Hooking up the system to a computer also allows you to keep logs of activity in the home. For more information on some of the best wire crimpers and strippers, along with other accessories and information, visit any one of the links below: