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Louroe AD-3 Louroe AD-3

Louroe - Power Supply, Input: 100~240 VAC 50/60 Hz 1.2A, Output: +24 VDC, 1.5A.

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Dahua S042-1A120300HU Dahua S042-1A120300HU

Dahua - 12 VDC, 3A Power Adapter.

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Dahua DH-PFM321D-US Dahua DH-PFM321D-US

Dahua - 12 VDC, 1A Power Adapter.

Standard Price: (Members Only)
Dahua DH-PFM320D-US Dahua DH-PFM320D-US

Dahua - 12 VDC, 2A Power Adapter.

Standard Price: (Members Only)
Dahua EUHA+12120-070D Dahua EUHA+12120-070D

Dahua - Four Port 12 VDC, 0.7A Power Adapter.

Standard Price: (Members Only)
Dahua ADS-12AM-12 12012EPCU Dahua ADS-12AM-12 12012EPCU

Dahua - 12 VDC, 1A Power Adapter.

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Sapphire WS-SA-4P Sapphire WS-SA-4P

Sapphire - 12VDC 4ch. Power Supply with screw down terminal, 4 Amps Max.

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Optaplex - 9 Channel 12VDC power supply at 10 Amps, 9 PTC output, Small Enclosure.

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Optaplex - 18 Channel 12VDC, 20 Amps 18PTC Power Supply.

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Altronix ALTV1224DC1 Altronix ALTV1224DC1

Altronix - 16Ch. DC Power Supply - 12VDC or 24VDC @ 4 Amp, fused outputs.

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P3 V20A18 P3 V20A18

P3 - V-Series 12VDC, 18 Output, 20 Amp, Large Enclosure, Auto-Resetting PTC protected outputs, Built-In cooling fan, UL Listed.

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Sapphire 12V5000MARS COP 12V5000MARS

Cop - 12VDC 5A Power Supply Adaptor Regulated, 120VAC Input with 1 in 9 out cable. Perfect for Security Cameras, Microphones, Etc. That Require 12VDC.

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P3 P3AC24-16-8L P3 P3AC24-16-8L

P3 - 24VAC At 8 Amp 16 Fused Outputs UL Listed Commercial CCTV Equipment, UL Listed.

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Optaplex - 4 Channel 12VDC 5 Amp Power Supply Box, 120VAC Input, 4 PTC Output.

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P3 P3AC24-16-25 P3 P3AC24-16-25

P3 - 16 Output 24VAC, 25 Amp, Power Supply, Indoor Only, Individually Fused.

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Security Camera Power Supply

Security cameras are excellent tools you can use to deter criminals, protect your home, and capture video footage to monitor activity around your home or office. If you have a security camera installed somewhere in your home or office, then you probably need a high-quality security camera power supply cord to operate it. While many cameras come with a complimentary camera power supply cord, you may want to purchase an extra one. You may also lose the complimentary camera power supply cord, or it may become damaged. In any of these situations, you will want to find a budget-friendly camera power supply cord that is compatible with your camera model. Fortunately, Esentia has a variety of affordable security camera power cords available for purchase.

About Security Camera Power Supply Units

A security camera power supply is a cord that connects your camera to a source of electricity. Without this cord, the camera will not function. It will not be able to record images or even turn on. Different models of security cameras are compatible with different cords, so make sure you know the model of your camera before you look for a new security camera power supply cord.

Why Would I Need an Extra Cord?

If you use your camera to monitor the security of your home or office, you need to be sure that your security camera is running effectively at all times. Without a proper cord, the unit cannot function, thus leaving your property vulnerable. You never know when an accident could damage the cord or when it will simply wear out. Even if you always try to keep track of the cord, there is also no guarantee that it will never get lost. Having a good quality security camera power supply on hand at all times will prevent you from being forced to survive without your camera while you order a new source of power.

How do I Choose a Security Camera Power Cord?

If you are shopping for an affordable security camera power cord, you must first know which cord you need. To determine the type of adaptor your security camera requires, consult the camera's instruction manual. You may also be able to find this information by examining the complimentary security camera power cord that came with the unit when you initially purchased it. Esentia has a wide variety of security camera power cords available, so simply compare the information provided in your camera's manual with the specifications listed beneath each cord on our website.

Why Should I Buy from Esentia?

Here at Esentia, we know that there are other retailers you could use for your security camera power cord purchase. However, we have taken many steps to make sure that we are the best retailer for the job. For example, we offer a large variety of security camera power cords so that you can easily find the cord you need. We also offer competitive prices on all of our products, and we guarantee that the product you receive will be of the best possible quality. In addition, Esentia offers superior customer service and competitive shipping rates.

How Do I Buy My Security Camera Power Cord?

Purchasing your security camera power cord is easy and fast! To purchase a security camera power supply cord from eSentia, simply log onto the website and choose the model you want to buy. Add it to your cart, complete the simple checkout procedure, and choose your shipping options. Within only a few minutes, your purchase will be complete. At this point, the only thing left for you to do is wait for the security camera power supply cord you ordered to come to your door!

Related Products

Esentia also offers many other security camera accessories, including infrared illuminators, coaxial cables, coaxial cable connectors, and even the security cameras themselves. All of Esentia's products feature competitive prices. We strive to provide every customer with the maximum amount of value for the lowest possible price.

To learn more about security camera power supply cords and the related products eSentia offers, consult the following links.