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Veracity VOR-OS-30-US Veracity VOR-OS-30-US

Veracity - OUTSOURCE 30 POE Plus Injector (incl powercord).

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Veracity VOR-ORM-XT Veracity VOR-ORM-XT

Veracity - OUTREACH Max XT POE-powered POE extender (100m/unit) IP66.

Standard Price: (Members Only)
Veracity VOR-ORM-GXT Veracity VOR-ORM-GXT

Veracity - OUTREACH Max GXT POE-powered POE extender (100m/unit).

Standard Price: (Members Only)
Veracity VOR-ORM-G Veracity VOR-ORM-G

Veracity - OUTREACH Max G POE-powered POE extender (100m/unit).

Standard Price: (Members Only)
Veracity VOR-ORM Veracity VOR-ORM

Veracity - OUTREACH Max POE-powered POE extender (100m/unit).

Standard Price: (Members Only)
Veracity VOR-ORL-XT Veracity VOR-ORL-XT

Veracity - OUTREACH Lite XT POE-powered LAN extender(100m/unit, no POE out) IP66.

Standard Price: (Members Only)
Veracity VOR-ORL-GXT Veracity VOR-ORL-GXT

Veracity - OUTREACH Lite GXT POE-powered LAN extender (100m/unit, no POE out).

Standard Price: (Members Only)
Veracity VOR-ORL-G Veracity VOR-ORL-G

Veracity - OUTREACH Lite G POE-powered LAN extender (100m/unit, no POE out).

Standard Price: (Members Only)
Veracity VOR-ORL Veracity VOR-ORL

Veracity - OUTREACH Lite POE-powered LAN extender (100m/unit, no POE out).

Standard Price: (Members Only)
Veracity VOR-OB5 Veracity VOR-OB5

Veracity - OUTBREAK POE Splitter (POE-in /Network pass through and 5V DC jack).

Standard Price: (Members Only)
Veracity VOR-OB12 Veracity VOR-OB12

Veracity - OUTBREAK POE Splitter (POE-in /Network pass through and 12V DC jack).

Standard Price: (Members Only)
Veracity VLT-1N-SC100 Veracity VLT-1N-SC100

Veracity - LIGHTSPAN media converter unit (single unit).

Standard Price: (Members Only)
Veracity VLS-PATCH-1 Veracity VLS-PATCH-1

Veracity - Patchcable for use with LONGSPAN rackmount bracket.

Standard Price: (Members Only)
Veracity VLS-4P-C Veracity VLS-4P-C

Veracity - LONGSPAN CAMERA Quad, four-port, long range Ethernet and POE adaptor.

Standard Price: (Members Only)
Veracity VLS-1P-C Veracity VLS-1P-C

Veracity - LONGSPAN CAMERA Unit with extended POE in and POE out.

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POE Cameras | Power Over Ethernet Cameras

A PoE security system is a new system that offers versatility and functionality to those requiring advanced surveillance systems. Coupled with the best PoE camera, this security system doesn’t require alternating current outlets placed along the system to keep individual cameras or other devices in the security system powered. Instead, the system gets its power directly from the cable that combines data transfer and power in a single network cable. This allows more versatility during the installation of an efficient PoE security camera combined with other outstanding PoE products for an advanced security surveillance system.

When putting together a PoE security or surveillance system, it’s important to note that all outstanding PoE products must have PoE functionality built-in. Whether the equipment comes pre-enabled for PoE functionality, or if you have components that don’t have PoE capability, simply use an external splitter that separates the data and power functions. A PoE system drops the need for device power and offers simple solutions while preventing unintentional unplugging of devices. A specialty power-over-Ethernet camera resembles a regular security camera but has specific requirements under the exacting standards of the International Electric and Electronic Engineer association. The IEEE 802.3af standard covers two specific means of power conveyance that all PoE-enabled devices must have. Under this standard, if there is a network socket without a device attached, or the device isn’t PoE enabled, no power will be available at that socket.

Obtain the best PoE camera, a discount PoE IP camera, a specialty power-over-Ethernet camera or other outstanding PoE products from eSentia Security Systems, Inc., the foremost security camera distributor online. An efficient PoE security camera provides an extensive system while offering the security coverage needed. Whether a business requires networked cameras, or you are in the process of choosing a home security system, choose outstanding PoE products for increased functionality. Networked cameras are available in many types of cameras. An efficient PoE security camera can often be used indoors, while others have the capability to be used indoors or out.

When designing a PoE security and surveillance system, you need to consider various important points when installing the system. Pay attention to the length of cable runs as devices cannot be more than 100 meters from the switch or midspan. This limitation applies to all cabled systems, not just systems with a specialty power-over-Ethernet camera. The other thing to note is that certain types of cameras may require additional power. So design your budget PoE camera system accordingly.

The requirements of a complete PoE system includes a discount PoE IP camera, or several PoE cameras, a surveillance unit, control unit, storage, switches, power over LAN and the necessary cable and accessories to set-up the entire system. A PoE system works great when you want to place an individual discount IP camera with a budget PoE camera system, as it gives the best PoE camera placement capabilities. You are not limited to installing PoE cameras only where power is available.

The best PoE camera and budget PoE camera system combine intelligent design that allows the homeowner or businessperson to install a security system that also provides a log of all activity. With a storage device on the system, you will be able to keep video logs available for later viewing, if necessary. Alternatively, you can delete what is not needed or make weekly backups and store offsite if needed. When setting up your PoE system in a business, make sure that only select personnel have access to the system. You don’t want everyone having access to the system, especially if you place cameras in locations to watch employees and customers.

Security systems deter criminals, especially if they realize that their actions are being recorded. Criminals like to do things in secret, so they won’t get caught. A good security system has cameras available twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week and includes a secondary power backup in case of power failure. You can save money by buying your own equipment and installing it yourself with the help of Esentia’s technical support. Optionally, you can also buy the equipment yourself and hire a technician to install the system on your behalf. Whatever you choose, always consider Esentia Security Systems, Inc. for all your technological needs. Feel free to contact eSentia via email or phone if you have any questions or need further information.