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PTZ IP Network Cameras

IP camera systems use an internet connection to transmit data from a security camera to a DVR or computer monitor. Professional PTZ IP cameras are the cameras to use when surveillance is needed across a wide area. The pan, tilt, and zoom features of these cameras allow close monitoring, and monition detection enabled options allow for tracking movement throughout the surveillance field in real-time. The autonomous patrol and tracking features on quality IP PTZ cameras allow for dependable tracking of suspicious vehicles, or people within the surveillance range you specify. The best PTZ IP cameras have extremely fast pan and tilt speeds earning them the name, speed domes. These exceptional IP cameras, PTZ can change direction in less than a second, yet are easy to control with precision from remote locations.

Quality PTZ IP cameras are built for durability and dependability to provide long-lasting service. Most of these cameras are weather and vandal resistant. Since many of these cameras are placed in high or hard to service locations, it is important to select IP PTZ cameras that will withstand years of use with minimal maintenance. New technology is contributing to the development of exceptional quality and features that will provide great improvements in the ability of professional IP cameras to map movement through the panoramic view options and follow through with high-resolution facial sequences. These improved features will provide quality data and identification of suspicious individuals in real-time.

Other features of outstanding IP PTZ cameras you should consider include:

  • Flexible Digital Remote Control - Digital remote controls allow you the greatest control from a computer or mobile device. Digital remote controls are available on both analog IP and digital IP cameras and digital remote control allows multiple cameras to be guided by one controller.
  • Multiple Alarm Inputs – The best IP cameras, PTZ have multiple alarm input options. When multiple alarms detecting motion, glass breakage, and breached door contacts are connected to an IP camera, the PTZ features can be programmed to stop all other activity when an alarm is tripped. The camera will then immediately zero in on the suspicious area or activity.
  • Auto-Focus – An essential feature you should always look for in quality IP cameras, PTZ is speedy auto focus capability. An auto-focus feature allows the camera to keep up with swift changes in the PTZ movement and immediately sense the area or object to bring into focus so no vital movement or data is lost.
  • Zoom Capabilities – While all PTZ cameras have greater zoom capabilities than fixed cameras, you want to choose a camera with the greatest zoom options available. While most low cost IP cameras will have a zoom function of at least 10x, a high resolution camera combines 36x zoom capability with a digital function that provides even better magnification.
  • Low Light and Day/Night Options – The best PTZ IP cameras will have automated low light and day/night options that will automatically switch on as darkness falls. A camera with day/night features accepts infrared light options and may have IR options onboard in top of the line IP cameras.

With the wide range in style, size, and design of today’s cameras, exceptional IP PTZ cameras can be purchased that are no larger than a typical dome camera. If it is important that you have non-obtrusive surveillance, there are mounting options that allow only a portion of the camera to be visible without sacrificing the field of view. Most professional PTZ IP cameras are extremely durable withstanding weather, and vandals with tough housing and dome materials that are shatterproof.

At Esentia Systems, we bring you the very latest in security system products, services, and technology. With our long history of experience in the CCTV and surveillance industry, we understand the importance of having a security system you can depend on to safeguard your home and business. The security industry is constantly changing. We understand that it is almost impossible, as a business owner, for you to stay informed of the latest changes that can keep your security system up to date. That is why we are determined to do the work for you. We back research in security technology and product design while working with over eighty top name manufacturers of surveillance and security equipment to bring you the very best in cameras, accessories, and products. It is our mission to offer you excellence in customer service and technical support before, during, and after the sale. We encourage you to contact us on our Facebook page, by email, or call during normal business hours with any questions you may have. We want to become your go to resource for all security technology questions and supplies.

At Esentia, we are pleased to offer a variety of cameras for either indoor or outdoor surveillance situations. A quality Pan Tilt Zoom PTZ network camera designed for outdoor application features auto iris control to adapt to varying light situations and may require weather resistance protection housing of some type unless it is included in the design of the camera. Even an indoor network PTZ camera may require protective housing if located in an area where excessive dust, humidity, or risk of vandalism is a concern.

When shopping online for a network camera, PTZ cameras may be an option, but to determine if it is the best choice you should consider factors such as where security cameras will be installed and the field of coverage you plan to monitor. A PTZ dome network camera is a popular choice for many indoor or outdoor video surveillance options. A PTZ dome network camera as the name implies, can pan, tilt, and zoom manually or automatically based on user configurations and setup. While you may find the term PTZ network camera and PTZ dome camera used interchangeably there is a difference that you need to be aware of. A PTZ network camera generally does not have a full 360° pan because of a mechanical stop. This prevents the camera from being able to track movement in a circle. An exception would be a network PTZ with an auto-flip function. The network camera PTZ features that you will find in a PTZ dome network camera offer the best flexibility for continual on-guard monitoring. Due to their design and discreet installation options, these cameras are often the first choice for areas where continual operation is needed.

We invite you to take advantage of the experience and resources available to you here at Esentia Systems Inc. With over forty years in the security systems field, we offer online updates regarding the latest in technology as well as discount pricing and free shipping on the latest PTZ cameras featuring the best in network technology. You can find technology and product news on our blog and Facebook page and are always welcome to call our professional technicians at 800-390-7090 if you have any questions concerning the PTZ network camera right for your surveillance application. When you are ready to buy new cameras or other surveillance system equipment, call before placing your online order to inquire about our latest promotions or quantity discounts.