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AVE - Cash Register Interface to HD Video Interface, Text Inserter Register Specific For RS-232 Registers (No Cables Or Interfaces). Link the transaction information from the POS to
HD-TVI, AHD, HD-CVI, 960H & IP Video CCTV systems.

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AVE - ATM Interface Taps Modem Communications (Includes Triport 2Ch. 08-085).

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AVE - Cash Register Interface, Text Inserter Register Specific For RS-232 Registers (No Cables Or Interfaces).

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AVE - Cable Tap For VSI, Specify Register Make And Model.

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AVE - TCP/IP Adaptor For All VSSI-PRO-ATM.

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AVE - Picture In Picture And Screen Splitting Device (Color Inset Picture In 1/16 & 1/19 Size).

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AVE - Video Identification System, Over-Lays ID On camera Video Image, Ideal For Bars, Nightclubs, Liquor Sales, Gun Shops, Ect..

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AVE - Hydra Is An Interface Device That Allows The Connection Of Multiple Cash Register Terminals Using The REGCOM Slave Units For The Purpose Of Transaction Logging.

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POS Text Overlay | Text Inserter

Retail businesses like yours lose thousands of dollars per year, not through theft by customers or patrons, but by employees. An efficient POS text overlay system can help you spot and document suspicious activity at registers and merchandise scan points. Video of register activity cannot always clearly show subtle switches or failure to scan all merchandise. A text inserter embeds data permanently onto the video recording and can assist in documenting no sales, voids, shortchanging substitute scanning, and other signs of fraudulent activity. At eSentia, we offer savings on quality POS text overlay systems by American Video Equipment. AVE provides text inserters that will work with your existing VCR or DVR security recording system and is compatible with most POS or RS-232 systems worldwide.

A specialty POS text overlay unit interfaces with barcode readers, ATMs, printers, cash registers, access control panels, and other RS-232 devices to provide texted data that adds an extra level of security used to verify suspicious activity. Text is inserted into the video picture and becomes part of the permanent video record. Date and time of the text insertion automatically sync with the date and time of the register or other POS or RS-232 device providing court legal verification of activity. For a demonstration of how this works, check out this video.

Specific features vary depending on the make and model of the system you choose. Before you purchase POS text overlay devises for your security system, take time to compare POS text overlay integration and feature options carefully. Some POS text overlay systems are compatible with cash registers only while others may be adapted to barcode readers, ATMs, control panels or other monitoring devices. At Esentia Systems, we stay informed of the latest technology and products to bring you top of the line POS text overlay devices you need to upgrade your security program.

When you compare the features of a cheap POS text overlay unit to one that may be slightly higher priced, remember there is more to the true value of a product than the price you pay for your purchase. A bargain POS text overlay purchase is no bargain without technical support or someone to answer any questions you may run against during installation and setup. At Esentia, we have forty years of experience in the security systems industry. Our professional staff is always ready to help you find the right products to upgrade your POS security or redesign your system to obtain the added level of protection needed in areas where suspicious activity may be taking place. We work with top of the line manufacturers to bring you the best products available. Because of our long-standing relationship with our manufacturers, we can save you thirty percent or more on most of your security system needs. In addition to POS text inserters, we also offer an ATM adapter. With an estimated 2.7 billion dollars being stolen through ATM related fraud in a single year, it is imperative that you are prepared to record all suspicious activity from ATMs at your place of business. The right system monitoring your ATM will allow automatic security notification, archive suspicious activity, switch to live to record as needed, and permanently imprint data onto the video record.

If you are unclear about how to upgrade your POS security, call and speak to us today. Our expert staff can recommend products and devices that are compatible with your present system. Discuss your security concerns in confidence knowing that we can help find the best solution to protect your assets. Before, during, and after the sale, we are here to provide the best in customer support.