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Louroe  TLO-A Louroe TLO-A

Louroe -  Two-way Outdoor Speaker/Mic system.

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Louroe TLI-VR-F Louroe TLI-VR-F

Louroe - Omni-Directional Microphone, Speaker/Microphones are Two-Way Talk/Listen Remote Stations Consisting Of An Electret Condenser, Microphone with Pre-Amp for Line Level Output and 8” Speaker, BR-8VP Vandal Resistant Grill, 12 VDC, Frequency Response: 50 Hz to 15 kHz.

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Louroe C-ML Louroe C-ML

Louroe - Omni-directional Microphone, 15ft Range, 20ft Pre-Made Cable with Stereo Plug Included.

Standard Price: (Members Only)
Louroe VRSC Louroe VRSC

Louroe -  Square Vandal Resistant Ceiling Grill Baffle, Dim: 11"H x 13"W x 4"D.

Standard Price: (Members Only)
Louroe Verifact B-10 Louroe Verifact B-10

Louroe - High Ceiling Applications w/10 Ft Extension Cable Microphone, Sturdy ABS housing, Frequency Response: 50 Hz to 15 kHz, 12 VDC.

Standard Price: (Members Only)
Louroe TLM-W Backbox Louroe TLM-W Backbox

Louroe - Aluminum Backbox For TLM-W Surface Mount, Dim: 6.9"H x 5"W x 1.65"D.

Standard Price: (Members Only)
Louroe HD-10 Louroe HD-10

Louroe - Headphone Distribtion Box, Accommodates up to 10 Headphones, Volume Controls, (2) Mounting Holes.

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Louroe ERD-8 Backbox Louroe ERD-8 Backbox

Louroe - Steel Backbox for TLI-CF, Dim: 12.25"Dia. x 4"D.

Standard Price: (Members Only)

Louroe - Outdoor Digital IP Microphone w/ Audio Analytics Capability,  Analytic Applications can be added to the Device to Detect and Report Events such as: Aggression/Duress, Gunshots/Explosions, Breaking Glass, Car/Panic Alarms.

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Louroe BR-8VP Louroe BR-8VP

Louroe - Vandal Resistant TLI Speaker Grill Baffle, Ceiling Flush Mount.

Standard Price: (Members Only)
Louroe BR-4WS Louroe BR-4WS

Louroe - TLM Speaker Grill Baffle, Ceiling Flush Mount, Dim: 7.65" Dia.

Standard Price: (Members Only)

Louroe - Outdoor Microphone, Weather Resistant Bell Box Housing, Automatic Gain Control/Limiter to Prevent Overdriving the Receiver, Surface Mount Only, Frequency Response: 50 Hz to 8 kHz, 12 VDC.

Standard Price: (Members Only)

Louroe - Vandal Resistant Microphone, 16 Ga Stainless Steel Housing, Electret Condenser Microphone with Built-In Preamp,  Automatic Gain Control/Limiter to Prevent Overdriving the Receiver, 12 VDC.

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Louroe - Vandal Resistant Microphone, low impedance electret condenser, Microphone Can Pick Up Normal Sounds 15' Away, It Fits Into a Single Gang Electrical Box for Flush or Surface
Mounting and is Designed for Areas of High Vandalism.

Standard Price: (Members Only)

Louroe - Wall Mount Microphone, Stainless Steel Faceplate,  Automatic Gain Control/Limiter to
Prevent Overdriving the Receiver, Frequency Response: 50 Hz to 8 kHz, 12 VDC.

Standard Price: (Members Only)
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Surveillance Microphones

Establishing the particulars and truth of an event or activity is easier with the use of recorded surveillance such as microphones. Microphones are small listening devices and when surveillance microphones compare to other methods of surveillance such as security cameras they are seen to be just as valuable and even more useful in some circumstances. When it comes to security systems, the use of microphones along with camera recordings tells the complete story, simultaneously providing the image and audio of whatever action goes on. Use audio security in conjunction with digital video recorders (DVRs), closed circuit televisions, and other remote monitoring equipment to hear and record sound. Prior to purchasing a security microphone, it helps to know the professional uses, best uses, legalities, and ideal features that microphones offer.

Surveillance Microphones Professional Usage

Bulk purchases of security microphones like the ETS SM1-C are often made by law enforcement agencies to carry out covert security operations. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, for instance, has long used audio security help when conducting investigations focused on criminal and intelligence related incidents. Police officers also routinely use security microphones systems when going undercover and often provide this technology to informants to capture criminals committing or admitting to criminal deeds. Other government agencies rely on real time audio surveillance to actively monitor national security and other criminal threats.

Surveillance Microphones Best Uses

The range of use for surveillance microphones may actually rival that of security cameras. Surveillance microphones efficient uses include using the microphones inside convenience store and fast food restaurants for real time monitoring of the premises. A mounted security microphone can be used in areas with large amounts of foot traffic such as casinos, shopping malls, and correctional facilities. Warehouses, parking garages, and banks might also benefit from surveillance microphones. Good private detectives may even use audio based security merchandise when legally permissible to handle client cases. Security microphones price and ease of use has also increased the use of in-home audio surveillance. Parents are using the technology to check on their children when they are away and couples are using the audio to monitor individuals they hire to work in their homes such as nannies and housekeepers.

Legality of Recording Audio

Of course, when using audio security, direct knowledge of all applicable federal, state, and local laws is needed to ensure recording of conversations is legal. Audio recordings are not automatically legal. In some states, to record audio, one or all parties involved in the conversation must provide their consent to be recorded. However, there are ways to get around this mandate. For instance, to ensure that there is no violation of an individual’s right to privacy while in a store that uses surveillance microphones, companies utilizing this technology often post a large sign indicating that all communications may be intercepted or monitored. When dealing with minors, parents can legally consent to record audio on their behalf in most jurisdictions.

Security Microphones Optimum Features

While security microphones cost may be low, a little knowledge of desired features will help buyers make a useful purchase. If microphones will be used inside of an area with a lot of foot traffic such as a restaurant or store, noise reduction capabilities are desired. Audio security products with this feature have low frequencies capable of reducing background noise. This allows the microphone to focus on in actual talkers and filter out other types of noises below the voice range such as air conditioners and vehicle traffic noises. Microphones with this feature also offer cleaner audio playback with clear articulation to avoid straining to hear what is being said.

Omnidirectional recording is another useful quality as it makes the audio security proficient at picking up sounds originating from any direction. Mounted microphones allow flush mounting so the microphone can be installed to a ceiling or wall. Not only is this feature a great way to ensure the microphone does not attract attention, it is a deterrent to vandalism since those who do see the microphone systems are not likely to recognize them as such. Performance microphones such as the KTL MIC1000 are an example of a microphone offering a reliable indoor range. For outdoor surveillance microphones, buy rugged microphones that can stand up to all types of weather conditions and still isolate talking from other outdoor sounds. To avoid dealing with muted playback, look for pricing markdowns on microphones that have pre-amplification. Pre-amplification prevents distorted play back of sound and improves overall sound quality.