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Security Camera Megapixel CCTV Lens

If you want to enhance the image quality or the range of your cameras, you may want to purchase a megapixel lens to use on your cameras. The megapixel CCTV lens can help to enhance the video you record. It can also widen the scope of what the camera can record. When you purchase a lens to increase picture clarity, you need to make sure it is compatible with the camera you want to use it with.

You may choose to use a megapixel lens with a camera that takes a wider shot or with one that scans the area you are most concerned about tracking. A megapixel CCTV lens will make the picture easier to see. This can help you if you have to prosecute someone for theft or vandalism. Our sales team can help you find the best lens for the cameras you choose.

Whether you are setting up an indoor security system, an outdoor security system or a hybrid system, you will need more than just lenses to complete the system. We can help you find everything you need to build an entire security system from scratch. We can also help you find the replacement parts you need for your system or to upgrade components of your system. A security system is more than just cameras and lenses. At Esentia, you can purchase camera housings, mounts, and more to complete your security system.

We can help you choose the best CCTV cameras for your video surveillance system. Our sales team can help you design a security system and will recommend all of the products you will need to install the system from mounting brackets to security cameras to recording devices. We make it easy to buy online whether you are completing a new system or just replacing a part of your older system. With free shipping on orders over $99.00 Esentia Systems Inc. should be the first place you come for security equipment. We also have a technical staff standing by waiting to help you troubleshoot any equipment issues you may have. Contact us today to get started on your security system.