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HD CCTV - HD Security Cameras

HD CCTV will allow you to accomplish the same, if not better visual quality without having to make all of the changes that you would have with an IP Megapixel system. HD CCTV over coax will let you use the same RG59 or RG6 cable to utilize 720P or 1080P image quality.

With the HD CCTV solution, there is no need to install any switches, routers or anyother items associated with your computer network. Simply any of these HD security cameras to your exsisting coax cable, then replace the system with a HD CCTV DVR system.

This will be the next big push in the security market which will be the leading rival to the IP camera sector. For those that want to give their customers uncompromised, cutting edge video quality without the additional expense of adding to a network, HD CCTV is where its at.