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RG-59 18/2 1000Ft. Siamese Coax Cable, Copper Braid 95%, Copper Center Conductor 100%.

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RG-6 18/2 1000Ft. Siamese Coax Cable, Copper Braid 95%, Copper Center Conductor 100%.

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RG-59 500Ft. Siamese Coax Cable, Copper Braid 95%, Copper Center Conductor 100%, 18/2 Power Wire Attatched.

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RG-59 18/2 1000Ft. Siamese Coax Cable, Copper Braid 95%, Copper Center Conductor 100%.

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Coaxial Cable

Are you looking for affordable coaxial cables? If so, you have come to the right place. At eSentia, you will find cheap Siamese coax cables, custom coaxial video cables, discounted RG-6 cables, and the best RG-59 cables. We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to your coaxial cable purchases. However, here at eSentia, we understand what the customer needs, and we do our very best to ensure that you are completely satisfied with every purchase you make.

What is a Coaxial Cable?

Coaxial cables, also known as coax, are special conductors enclosed in a tube. Coaxial cables can conduct electricity and video signals. They used in the home, as well as in commercial and professional settings. Coaxial cables are used to transmit signals for cable television, as well as for VCRs and similar electronic equipment. In some cases, the coaxial cable you need will come with the equipment you are installing. However, if your cable breaks or you buy equipment that doesn't include the cable, you may need to purchase coaxial cables online. Likewise, if you manufacture equipment that requires coaxial cables, you may need to purchase coaxial cables in bulk.

Price of a Coaxial Cable

The price of coaxial cable typically varies based on the type of cable you are purchasing, as well as the quantity you decide to buy. However, the cost of a coaxial cable is also heavily dependent on the specific type you need. Here at eSentia we offer coaxial cables at affordable prices.

About Our Economical Coaxial Cable

Get coax cables to use in your home for a number of purposes. A coaxial cable is a cable used to transmit radiofrequency signals. You can buy coax cables and use them to distribute cable television to your home, for network connectivity, or to connect a radio transmitter to its antenna. When you install coaxial cables you won't have to worry about placing the cable next to metallic objects. Other modes of transmission lose power or suffer electromagnetic interference when placed next to metallic objects. However, even affordable coax cables will avoid this problem by preventing the electromagnetic field from straying outside of the tubing.

Types of Coaxial Cables

You can purchase several types of coax cables online at our store. We carry affordable coaxial video cable in the RG-59 and RG-6 varieties. We also carry efficient Siamese coax cables.

Our budget-friendly RG-59 cable can be used to carry video transmissions for closed-circuit television. Cheap RG59 cable will also carry HD signals over shorter distances. Our efficient RG-59 cable is the least expensive option, it's often used for VCRs and other similar equipment.

Our quality RG-6 cable is typically used in cable television as a distributor. An efficient RG-6 carries cable television signals within the home and to the home. In recent years, low-cost RG-6 cable has become the most commonly used coax for distributing cable television signals. Most good RG6 models include a shield made from a combination of aluminum braid and aluminum foil, along with a steel center coated in copper. Quality RG-6 cable can also be used to carry serial digital interface signals or analog video signals in professional video applications.

If you need to run video and power using the same cable, you can purchase our quality Siamese coax cable. An affordable Siamese coax is capable of transmitting both electricity and video signals at the same time. You can purchase efficient Siamese coax in the affordable RG59 variety, or you can purchase first class Siamese coax in the proficient RG6 variety.

Why Us?

Whether you are looking for the best quality coaxial video cable, or a budget coaxial video cable, you can purchase what you need right here. Our prices are sure to beat the competition. For example, if you are looking for low-cost RG-6 coaxial cable, you can purchase the cable from us at a much lower price than would be available from other bargain RG-6 cable providers.

You can also count on our company to provide first-rate service. We also offer free shipping on many of the orders we fill.

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