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Dahua DH-PFL0550-E6D Dahua DH-PFL0550-E6D

Dahua - 6 MP Lens, Image Size: 1/2.7", Aperture: F1.6, Vari-Focal Length: 5 - 50mm, Mount:CS.

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Vivotek AL-239 Vivotek AL-239

Vivotek - Lens, 8~80mm, F1.6, DC-iris, 1/2", Supported Models IP816A-HP, IP816A-LPC, IP9165-HT, IP9165-HP, IP9165-LPC.

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Dahua DH-PLZ20C0-D Dahua DH-PLZ20C0-D

Dahua - 12MP Lens, Image size: 1/1.7", Aperture: F1.5, Focus length: 3.7-16mm, Mount: CS.

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Vivotek  AL-248 Vivotek AL-248

Vivotek - Lens 12~50mm, F1.8, P-iris, 1/1.7", Supported Models IP816A-HP, IP816A-LPC, IP9181-H, IP9191-HP.

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Dahua DH-PLZ21C0-D Dahua DH-PLZ21C0-D

Dahua - 12MP Lens, Image size: 1/1.7",Aperture: F1.5,Focus length: 10.5-42mm,Mount: CS.

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Vivotek AL-24D Vivotek AL-24D

Vivotek - Lens 25~135mm, F1.8, P-iris, 1/1.8", Supported Models IP816A-HP, IP816A-LPC, IP9165-HP, IP9165-HT, IP9165-LPC.

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Dahua DH-PFL2070-J12M Dahua DH-PFL2070-J12M

Dahua - 12MP Vari-focal Manual Lens, Focus length: 20-70mm, F1.5 Aperture, M43 Mount.

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CCTV Lenses

When choosing affordable CCTV lenses, there are several factors to take into consideration. First, CCTV or closed circuit television lenses are the type of lens used on a CCTV camera. A CCTV camera is one that is most frequently used for providing security surveillance. There are several ways to install a CCTV security system including having a central room designated as a control center or viewing monitors and images from a remote location. Regardless of which type of set up works best for your security needs, you will need to choose your CCTV cameras and lenses wisely. CCTV cameras may record, playback, and stream live video that can later be used in criminal investigations. Due to the fact that security video and images can make or break a case, it is imperative that the best CCTV camera lenses are selected.

There is a wide variety of quality CCTV camera lenses to choose from and each has its own unique functions and features. Those operating surveillance systems will need to pay close attention to the best CCTV lenses for their project needs. Consumers may select from fixed, varifocal, megapixel, and zoom lenses in order to maximize the results and coverage area from their surveillance systems. As every surveillance project has its own requirements and specifications, the best CCTV camera lenses are those that fulfill the unique necessities of your assignment. The type of CCTV lens you select can affect the amount of zoom captured, the angle in which an area is surveyed, the proximity that is covered, and the distance in which objects are zoomed in at.

Whether looking for budget or cheap CCTV lenses you must pay careful consideration to the various differences each lens contains. Determine the overall horizontal field of view, focal length, camera format, and depth of field in order to ensure you select the best CCTV camera lenses for your needs. Also of great importance is the distance between the video camera and the object you are surveying. It is imperative to choose the correct lens type as you may find that if you select the wrong lens, you may lose much needed coverage that compromises the level of security provided in your system.

Choosing affordable CCTV lenses with the required amount of zoom is essential to a successful wireless security system. If your camera lacks necessary zoom, your video, and image quality may suffer. This could ultimately mean the difference between a crystal-clear image of a suspect on a property and one that is too blurry to make a positive identification. Those who fail to select the best CCTV camera lenses for their surveillance projects, ultimately sacrifice security and safety. When choosing affordable CCTV camera lenses keep in mind that there is a direct correlation between the lenses angle and the focal given. Generally speaking, the higher or greater the number of the lenses’ focal, the thinner or narrower the angle lens will be. Those who want to ensure their camera’s lens will automatically adjust to compensate for differences between angles should consider a varifocal lens. Those who are not concerned about different angles can select a fixed lens.

Surveillance users who want to ensure their camera lens automatically adjusts to changes or variations in light should consider selecting an auto-iris lens rather than a manual iris lens. With a manual iris lens, you will manually adjust the iris on the camera lens to determine the best focus settings according to the type of light present. An auto-iris lens will make these adjustments for you. Fixed lenses are less expensive than auto-iris lenses, but many feel the benefits of an auto-iris lens are of greater value and provide a more practical solution. With an auto-iris CCTV lens, you can make certain that your surveillance continually produces a steady, stable video image.

When choosing between a manual and auto iris lens keep in mind that auto lenses are more flexible and adaptable. An auto iris lens is the best choice for those who need their system to provide surveillance after sundown or in dark environments. Most fixed lenses are used indoors, where the quality of light remains steady during peak times. Schools, government buildings, shopping plazas or other businesses may use fixed-lens cameras indoors. Those who are surveying outdoor areas after sundown will find that an auto iris lens is the best choice. By choosing the best CCTV lenses for your surveillance needs, you can operate your wireless system at maximum capacity and efficiency.