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Dahua N45EF63 Dahua N45EF63

Dahua - 4MP ePoE Night Color Bullet Camera, 1/1.8-in. Progressive-scan CMOS, 3DDNR, True WDR, 3.6mm Fixed Lens, 0.00022 lux at F1.2, Smart H.265+/Smart H.264+ Dual Codec, 2688 x 1520 @ 30 fps, Micro SD Slot Up to 256GB, IP67, Defog, Close focus Range: 6.56ft, Two-way Audio, DC12V/ePoE.

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Hunt HTD2617/V1-3 Hunt HTD2617/V1-3

Hunt - 2MP Thermal and Optical IP Bullet Camera, 1/2.8" Progressive Scan CMOS, DWDR, ICR, Alarm I/O: 2/2, 3.1mm Fixed Lens, IR Range: 120ft, IP66 Standard TVS 6000V Lightning Protection, Surge Protection, Voltage Transient Protection, Bi-spectrum image Fusion, Picture in Picture Preview, 1920 x 1080, Vanadium Oxide Uncooled Focal Plane Arrays, 12 VDC/PoE. **OEM Hikvision - No Logo**

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Hunt - 12MP Motorized IR Exir Bullet Camera, 1/1.7? progressive scan CMOS, ICR, DWDR, 2.8~12mm Motorized Vari-focal Lens, 20fps @4000 x 3000, Built-in SD Slot Up to 128GB, H.264/H.264+/H.265/H.265+/MJPEG, IK10/IP67, DC 12V/PoE. **OEM Hikvision - No Logo**

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Hunt HNC618-VBA Hunt HNC618-VBA

Hunt - 8MP Motorized IR EXIR Bullet, 1/1.8" Progressive Scan CMOS, ICR, DWDR, 0 Lux with IR, 30fps @3840x2160, 2.8~12mm Motorized Vari-focal Lens, H.264/H.264+/H.265/H.265+/MJPEG, Build-in SD Slot Up to 128GB, IK10/IP67, DC 12V/PoE.
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Hunt HNC344-XBSL/2.8 Hunt HNC344-XBSL/2.8

Hunt - 4MP IP Smart Sense Strobe Light Bullet Camera, 1/2.7" progressive scan CMOS, 0 Lux with IR, 3DDNR, True WDR 120dB, ICR, 2.8mm Fixed Lens, 30fps @2688x1520, H.264/H.264+/MJPEG/H.265/H.265+, Micro SD slot, up to 128GB, Built-in Speaker, IP66, IR Range: Up to 240ft, 12VDC/PoE. **OEM Hikvision - No Logo**

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Hunt HNC344-XBL Hunt HNC344-XBL

Hunt - 4MP IP Smart Sense Color Bullet Camera, 1/1.8" progressive scan CMOS, 0 Lux with IR, 3DDNR, True WDR 120dB, ICR, 4mm Fixed Lens, H.264/H.264+/MJPEG/H.265/H.265+, 30fps @2688x1520, Micro SD Slot Up to 128GB, IP66, Visible Light Range: Up to 90ft, 12 VDC/PoE. **OEM Hikvision - No Logo**

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Hunt HNC344-XB/2.8 Hunt HNC344-XB/2.8

Hunt - 4MP IP Smart Sense Bullet Camera, 1/2.7? progressive scan CMOS, 0 Lux with IR, 3DDNr, True WDR 120dB, ICR, H.264/H.264+/MJPEG/H.265/H.265+, 2.8mm Fixed Lens, IP67, IR Range: Up to 150ft, Micro SD Slot Up to 128GB, 12 VDC/PoE. **OEM Hikvision - No Logo**

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Hunt HNC344-VBZ Hunt HNC344-VBZ

Hunt - 4MP Motorized VF Bullet IP Camera, 1/2.7? progressive scan CMOS, 0 Lux with IR, 2.8~12mm Motorized Vari-focal Lens, True WDR, 3DDNR, ICR, H.264/H.264+/MJPEG/ H.265/H.265+, 30fps @2688x1520, Micro SD slot Up to 128GB, IP67, IR Range: Up tp 150ft, 12 VDC/PoE. **OEM Hikvision - No Logo**

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Hunt HNC322-VBZ Hunt HNC322-VBZ

Hunt - 2MP VF Bullet IP Camera, 1/2.8" CMOS, ICR, 0.01lux, 1920x1080 @30fps, 2.8~12mm Vari-focal Lens, IP67/IK10, DC12V/PoE, DWDR, 3D DNR, BLC, H.264/H.264+/H.265/H.265+/ MJPEG, IR Range: Up to 150ft, Built- in Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC Card Slot Up to 128GB. **OEM Hikvision - No Logo**

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Hunt HNC322-MB Hunt HNC322-MB

Hunt - 2MP IR Mini Bullet Camera, 1/2.8? Progressive CMOS, 0 Lux with IR, 4mm Fixed Lens, ICR, 3DDNR,  Digital WDR, H.264/ MJPEG, 30fps @1920x1080, IP66, IR Range: Up to 100ft,12VDC/PoE.

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Dahua N45DB7Z Dahua N45DB7Z

Dahua - 4MP VF ePoE Starlight  Bullet Camera with Analytics+, 1/1.8-in CMOS, ICR, 0 Lux with IR, 2.7~12mm Motorized Motorized Vari-focal Lens, 3D DNR, 30 fps@ 2688 x 1520, True WDR, Smart H.265+/H.265/Smart H.264+/H.264/H.264B/H.264H/MJPEG, IP67/IK10 Rated, Micro SD Slot Up to 256GB, Two-way Audio, IR Range: Up to 164ft, 12 VDC or PoE+.

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GeoVision GV-BL4702 GeoVision GV-BL4702

GeoVision - 4MP VF Bullet Camera, 1/3" Progressive Scan CMOS, ICR, 0 Lux with IR, 2592x1520 @20fps, 2.8~12mm Varifocal Lens, H.265/H.264/MJPEG, IP67/IK10 Rated, 12VDC/24VAC/PoE, WDR Pro, 3D DNR, Two-way Audio, Micro SD Card Slot, IR Range: Up to about 164ft.

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Dahua DH-EPC230U Dahua DH-EPC230U

Dahua - 2MP 30x Starlight H.265 IR Explosion-Protected Network Camera, 1/2.8-in. STARVIS CMOS, ICR, IVS, 0 lux at F1.6 (IR on), 1080p @60fps, 4.5 mm to 135 mm Lens, Optical Zoom: 30x, Smart H.265+, H.265, Smart H.264+, H.264, IP68, 2D/3D DNR, True WDR, Micro SD Card, Audio I/O, 220 VAC (100 VAC to 240 VAC), IR Range: Up to 328ft.

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UNV - 8MP Mini Bullet Camera, 1/2.5", 8.0 megapixel, progressive scan, CMOS, ICR, 0 Lux with IR on, 3840x2160 @15fps, 4.0mm Fixed Lens, Ultra 265,H.265, H.264, MJPEG, IP67, Up To 98ft IR Range, WDR, 2D/3D DNR, DC 12V/PoE.

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Hunt HNC326-XB Hunt HNC326-XB

Hunt - 6MP EXIR Bullet Camera, 1/2.9" Progressive Scan CMOS, ICR, 0 Lux with IR, 3072x2048 @20fps, 4mm Fixed Lens, H.265/H.264+/H.264/MJPEG, IP67 Rated, 12VDC/PoE, True WDR, 3D DNR, Micro SD Card Slot, IR Range: Up to about 150ft. **HIKVision OEM - No Logo**

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Bullet Network Cameras

Esentia offers affordable network bullet cameras for industrial and personal properties. First class IP technology connects high resolution, small cameras across a network to record video images that will cover more details at a wider dynamic range than analog CCTV systems. Network bullet camera and dome camera systems have some significant differences. For instance, low cost network bullet cameras can be placed outdoors without enduring damage from the elements or vandals.

Professional network cameras provide at least three times better quality than analog CCTV camera systems. They capture highly detailed images at a wider range than standard resolution cameras. Depending on the purchaser's desire, Esentia's low cost network cameras come with applicable features for diverse security applications. Security manufacturers specializing in the development of quality IP cameras have introduced HDTV technology into these surveillance devices. The requirements differ from one video surveillance application to the next. For instance, a shopping mall typically aims to watch over the presence of people and analyze their movements. Suspicious individuals, such as shoplifters, are usually the reason retail environments opt for camera installations. Network bullet cameras can peruse the shopping mall's parking lot for additional criminal activity, such as grand theft auto, robberies, and even sexual offenders. However, shopping mall security generally uses affordable IP cameras to determine if the parking lots have reached full capacity. Each retail store within the shopping mall will normally have dome camera installations.

Demanding situations require security departments to scan and identify persons or objects in a monitored environment. For example, point-of-sales monitoring enables security personnel to clearly see every purchased item. It can also zoom in to identify a face. High quality network camera installations may have the ability to use a telescopic lens to achieve this goal. Conventional network installations may prove inexpensive to the higher quality network camera devices; however, both surpass non-megapixel network installations.

The surveillance industry has developed standard practices that apply to diverse environments. For instance, an overview image generally requires between 20 and 30 pixels per one foot of scenic space. Less confidential industries may opt for affordable IP cameras that provide images in CCTV format. Highly sensitive industries may require facial identification features, which may require an excess of 150 pixels per foot of scenic space. In other words, the security industry would need to provide quality cameras that record in HDTV format to capture images within 1 megapixel per 7 square feet. Interested industrial parties should conduct land surveys to determine the points of each quality megapixel bullet camera installation. Consider guard availability to perform live monitoring, the need for light sensitivity, bandwidth demands, and storage capacity.

We provide the perfect security solutions for a variety of applications. A number of options exist to make the purchase of affordable megapixel bullet camera products easy. There a large variety of brands that we carry, including Geovision, Dahua, Everfocus, Uniview, KT&C, and Vivotek. Our customer service is backed by forty years of experience. In fact, Esentia has a 1-800 number that allows customers to inquire about any issues that may arise while perusing the website. A Help section offers answers to commonly asked questions, including information order status, account status, international shipping rates, return policy, guarantee policy, pricing and billing options, and its independent buyers guide.

If you have little to no experience in surveillance, we will be happy to help you purchase the equipment that will best suit your needs. Our megapixel bullet cameras have some of the lowest prices in the market. Business customers who purchase inexpensive megapixel bullet camera systems could save thousands of dollars in unexpected property damages and liable claims.

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