Providing Security - Criminal Justice Resource Library

Providing Security - Criminal Justice Resource Library

Criminal justice is one of the most complex fields in the world. It involves tracking down drug lords to foiling robberies to handling children who have committed crimes. In the United States alone, there are countless different court and justice systems. Here’s more information about those systems.

Federal Criminal Justice Agencies

  • Department of Justice: Homepage for the Department of Justice, which oversees the DEA, OJP, Antitrust Division, and multiple other branches of federal agencies.
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation: Official website of the FBI, one to the most powerful federal criminal justice agencies. It handles kidnappings, robberies, and other crimes.
  • COPS: Homepage for the Community Oriented Policing Services, in charge of policing services across the United States.
  • FedStats: An agency that provides the federal government with all kinds of statistics.
  • The Supreme Court: Homepage for the Supreme Court, the highest federal court in the US.
  • Central Intelligence Agency: Established in 1947 the CIA is responsible for providing national security intelligence to senior policy makers.
  • U.S. Marshals Service: U.S. Marshals ensure the effective operation of the judicial system by protecting court officers and buildings.
  • U.S. Customs and Border Protection: Agency responsible for regulating and facilitating international trade, collecting duties, and enforcing regulations.

Criminal Justice Information

  • Bureau of Justice Statistics: An agency that compiles all kinds of statistics and collects all sorts of data.
  • UN Crime and Justice Information Network: An organization that keeps data on all justice organizations in the entire world.
  • SSRC: Homepage for the Social Science Research Council, an organization that researches and provides criminal justice organizations with data concerning crimes all over the world.
  • CJS: Website of the Criminal Justice System for England and Wales with a lot of criminal justice information.
  • DELJIS: Homepage of the Delaware Criminal Justice Information System.
  • Criminal Justice Statistics: More than 100 sources about criminal justice.
  • JSRA: Promotes the exchange of information among statistical analysis center directors, researchers, and practitioners.
  • NCJA: The national voice in criminal justice policy.

Juvenile Justice

  • Youths and Drug Use: Explains the problem of drug use in juveniles, and how it leads to crime.
  • Monitoring the Future: An organization that monitors attitudes and trends with today’s children and teenagers so that their changing attitudes can be understood.
  • Juvenile Justice: Provides an overview of juvenile justice with resources.
  • Juvenile Justice Links: Page with links to multiple sites with information about juveniles and the justice system.
  • NCJJ: Official site of the National Center for Juvenile Justice.
  • OJJDP: Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention strives to improve juvenile justice policies and practices.

Police Agencies and Resources

  • INTERPOL: Homepage for INTERPOL, a global policing organization with operations in nearly every country in the world.
  • IACP: Homepage for the International Association of Chiefs of Police, an organization comprised of former police officers from 89 different countries.
  • National Association of Police Organizations: Coalition of police union and associations to advance the interests of law enforcement officers.
  • LAPD Online: Official website of the Los Angeles Police Department.
  • Police Reports: Shows where you can get police reports in all the states in America.
  • Police Resources: A comprehensive list of resources for police officers.

The Courts

  • Evidence: Defines what is considered “evidence” in all criminal cases, including juvenile criminal cases.
  • Criminal Justice Legal Foundation: A foundation with information on the United States court system.
  • United States Courts: The official site of United States Courts with authoritative information on courts in the nation.
  • Federal Grand Jury: Explains how the Federal Grand Jury plays a part in the court system of the United States.
  • California Courts: Homepage for the California court system.

Law Information Center

  • FedWorld: Online database with search engine to find court decisions all the way back to the 1930s.
  • Law Information: Law information resource center by the American Bar Association.
  • The Avalon Project: Online project that keeps track of all major “court decisions” and laws stretching back to 400 B.C.
  • Document Database: Online database of court documents.

Electronic Journals and Other Publications