Author: Dawn Horn-Jenkins


Welcome to Esentia!

My name is Dawn Horn-Jenkins. As a victim of home invasion, I understand the importance of feeling safe and secure in your own home and place of business; Esentia has held a special place in my heart, because they helped to give me back my piece of mind after a crisis. It is my goal to help others regain their piece of mind as well, through my contributions to this website. Home security can be challenging, and expensive; but for me, it has become a passion.

There are so many different safety measures that you can take to protect yourself and your family and I hope that you can learn from the material I have provided. Aside from home security, I am also passionate about my pets; Hank (right) and Jetta,(left) my black labs, are too friendly to be protectors, but great companions. I am recently divorced and live in the suburbs with my fourteen-year-old son, Jimmy.

As a single mother, I have taken on the role of both protector and nurturer. I use my Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice to help me navigate the troubled waters of parenthood and to help me connect and relate to others. I believe that being a part of a community is essential for our personal growth and our safety. I am an active member of my neighborhood watch and Parent Teacher Association.