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Varifocal Lenses

CCTV cameras come with two basic lens types - one that can be adjusted and one that cannot. Varifocal lenses are the type of lens that allows for the adjustment of the aperture. When buying a lens for your security camera it is important to know which type of lens is needed. There are a number of reasons why you may need to buy a lens. In some instances security cameras are not sold with a lens. In other instances you may need to replace the camera's current lens. When you need to buy a varifocal lens for your camera, Esentia Systems Inc, has an impressive selection to choose from.

A camera with a varifocal lens has a greater range than fixed lenses. This is beneficial when it comes to video surveillance systems. Focal lengths of varifocal lenses are measured in millimeters. The millimeter setting affects the width of the camera's view. For example, when the millimeter setting is larger, the view is narrower and shows greater detail. A lower millimeter setting results in a wider view, but less detail. Therefore a lens with a range of 5mm - 50mm will have a narrower and more detailed view than the lens with a range that is 2.9mm - 8.2mm. This gives the installer the ability to adjust the camera during installation in order to obtain the ideal view of one's business or surroundings. It may also be adjusted later, or if one prefers to have a different range than their current varifocal lens allows, they simply need to purchase a new lens with a greater or lower focal length range.

Cameras of various styles may use varifocal lenses. This includes dome and bullet cameras, which are two of the main security camera styles. If you are looking for a varifocal lens at Esentia, you'll find that we offer lenses with a manual or auto iris. In addition, lenses with day/night and IR features are also available. Are you ready to find the right lens for you camera? At Esentia you'll not only find just what you are looking for but also one of the best selections of security equipment and cameras online.