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EverFocus EMV401/500M Dahua MCVR5104-GFW EverFocus EMV801/500M

Our Price: (Members Only)

Our Price: (Members Only)

Our Price: (Members Only)
EverFocus EMV401/500M Dahua MCVR5104-GFW EverFocus EMV801/500M
EverFocus - 4 Ch. Hybrid Mobile DVR, H.264, 1080p Resolution, 4 Audio Inputs, 1 Audio Output, 2 USB Ports, SD Card Slot, Supports mobile applications, See PDF for more details. Dahua - 4Ch. Mobile Wi-Fi HD-CVI DVR, Linux OS, 2Ch. 1080P + 2Ch. 720P, VGA/TV Output, Supports 1 SATA HDD, 2 USB, H.264, 6-36VDC, Built-in Wi-Fi, Built in GPS, M12 connector included. EverFocus - 8 Ch. Hybrid Mobile DVR, H.264, 1080p Resolution, 8 Audio Inputs, 1 Audio Output, 2 USB Ports, SD Card Slot, Supports mobile applications, See PDF for more details.
EverFocus EMV1601/500M

Our Price: (Members Only)
EverFocus EMV1601/500M
EverFocus - 16 Ch. Hybrid Mobile DVR, H.264, 1080p Resolution, 16 Audio Inputs, 1 Audio Output, 2 USB Ports, SD Card Slot, Supports mobile applications, See PDF for more details.

Mobile DVR Systems

Security and surveillance monitoring technology has come a long way from when we at ESentia started in the CCTV business over forty years ago. The latest advances in mobile DVR systems make mobile surveillance efficient and affordable for use in a single owner operated taxi or across large public transit systems. A low-cost mobile DVR with 2-4 channels is ideal for monitoring activities in taxies, vans, or livery vehicles while a larger professional mobile digital video recorder with 8-12 channels can accommodate multiple camera angles in buses, trains, or tractor trailers. In addition to safeguarding the investment your business has in vehicles, a mobile digital video recorder system can help you safeguard passengers, drivers, minimize risk and liability concerns, reduce driver distractions, and help you monitor critical vehicle status for prompt response times.

Using a low-cost portable digital video recorder can provide huge returns on your investment. Some areas where a portable digital recorder system can benefit your business include:

  • Assisting in incident management
  • Passenger and driver safety
  • Risk Reduction

Many insurance companies offer lower rates when your business is monitored using a professional mobile digital video recorder.In the event of an incident, a quality portable digital video recorder can provide important evidence. Reviewing digital data after an incident can also assist in risk management and avoiding a similar incident in the future. Often simply the presence of a mobile DVRsystem is enough to safeguard both passengers and drivers, as there is less likelihood of foul play if someone is aware their actions are being recorded. Posting a notice that passengers see when entering your vehicle making them aware that cameras are in use is also another way to practice effective risk reduction.

At ESentia, we carry several models and brands of mobile digital video recorder systems that are user-friendly, easy to set up, and provide dependable recording and monitoring options. If you are confused by the options available, we are always available to answer any questions you may have concerning the difference between the affordable portable digital video recorder and a larger professional mobile digital video recorder.We can help decide what equipment and set up would work best for your transit security system and we are available before, during, and after the sale to assist you in any setup or configuration issues that may arise.

Regardless of how many channels you need in a quality mobile DVR, there are a several features you should look for before deciding which style, design and model is best for your business and work applications. Features of any mobile digital video recorder systems you consider purchasing should include:

  • GPS Tracking
  • H.264 Compression
  • Anti-Vibration and Anti-Shock Mechanism
  • High Resolution Picture Quality
  • Low Lux Imaging
  • High Capacity Hard Drives
  • Removable Hard Disks
  • Multiple Camera Inputs
  • Wi-Fi technology to Transmit Data to Office
  • Menu-Driven User Interface
  • Alerts for lost video, system failures,
  • Panic alerts for vehicle crash or other safety incidents
  • 3-Axis G-Sensor Function
  • Wireless Options

You may have gotten estimates for a professional mobile digital video recorder from one of our competitors and feel the cost would be a stretch on your budget. Before you make any final decisions, call us today and let us help find a solution to your transit security system concerns. Check our price lists and compare them with our competitors. An excellent option for a single service van or owner-operated shuttle vehicle is the EVERFOCUS EMV400/500. We also offer special incentive pricing on selected models such as the GEOVISION GV-LX4C3V. If you need a larger stand-alone option to manage your transit security applications, you will not find the efficient EVERFOCUS EM1200W/500 at a better price anywhere. You must call our experienced sales staff to ask about the special incentive offers. Also, ask about quantity discounts and our free shipping, all designed to save you even more money.

Unlike some suppliers, we do not disappear or become hard to reach after the sale of a low-cost portable digital video recorder. All our products are backed by excellent customer satisfaction and customer service. We depend on trusted relationships with our manufacturers to bring the very best in technical information, products, and equipment to our valued customers. We depend on you to stay in touch with us on our Facebook page, Twitter feed and blog. Pop in and let us know your questions and concerns regarding the many changes affecting the security and surveillance systems you depend on to safeguard your business. We take time to listen to your concerns and go out of our way to track down the technical information and equipment you need to keep your security and surveillance systems running efficiently. Give us a call today and let us show you how to put that mobile security system in place while working within your financial plan.

For businesses that are run primarily in a mobile environment, having the right video surveillance system is critical. Transportation vehicles such as buses and taxis are just a few of the places that routinely rely on security cameras that record to a DVR. Mobile digital video recorders are designed specifically for this. Their purpose is to provide a way to safely monitor activity in a vehicle without endangering others while on the road. When looking for a mobile DVR for your business, you'll be impressed with the selection that Esentia Systems Inc. has to offer. On our website you are certain to find the right mobile DVR system for the security of your vehicles, your drivers and your passengers.

Mobile DVRs are used for all types of vehicles. While they are especially important for businesses that transport passengers, such as vans or shuttles, they may also be used in police cars, too. In addition, they are also used on other types of vehicles such as boats and airplanes. There are several reasons why a mobile DVR is important for the security of a vehicle. It permits the driver to focus on traffic, but it also allows them to pay attention to what is going on behind them inside the vehicle. A mobile DVR system displays footage in real-time and also records. This means that any accidents, altercations or other incidents are recorded by the mobile DVR recorder for future use. Recorded actions are useful if a crime is ever committed and evidence is needed. One of the ways that a mobile DVR differs from other standalone DVRs is that it is most often resistant to shock and vibrations. This means that the movement of the vehicle will not adversely affect the video. A mobile DVR recorder may also feature up to 12 channels and a delayed on/off feature.

Whether you are ready to buy CCTV cameras, a standalone DVR, mobile video recorders, or other surveillance equipment, we're the first and only place that you'll need to look. As an online distributor of security cameras we are confident that we'll have what you need when you need it. Our staff is knowledgeable and is committed to providing our customers with the quality service that they deserve. Order your mobile DVR system today or call us for assistance.