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GeoVision DVR Cards

DVR cards are an integral aspect to a video surveillance system and Geovision is one of the most popular brands. A Geovision DVR system is one that uses a digital video recorder server to make recordings from surveillance videos. You may install Geovision DVR cards into a computer and create an easy to use, surveillance system that provides multiple channels. This enables you to monitor more than one angle simultaneously, as well as record, playback, and watch live video. DVR cards are an easy way to ensure your video surveillance system can provide you with the tools needed to perform surveillance tasks in a quick and easy manner.

Those choosing a DVR system will find they may select from a standalone unit or cards such as those by Geovision. A Geovision DVR card resembles other computer cards, such as it features a circuit board with plug in outlets. It is assembled inside the computer with the outlets facing outward. This enables the user to connect various equipment. There are benefits to using standalone systems as well as installing Geovision DVR cards. Those who choose a standalone system will get everything they need in one system. However, those who use DVR cards will save space and have more control over the components they use for video surveillance. Most people make the choice between a standalone video surveillance system and one that utilizes adding DVR card components based upon personal preference.

When choosing DVR cards, such as Geovision, you may select between a variety of channels. The most common used channels for video surveillance equipment include four, eight, and 16. A four channel Geovision DVR system enables the user to view four screens simultaneously. Eight and 16 channel Geovision DVR cards will divide the screen into that many sections. Those performing surveillance on a large area may find the larger channels provide more benefits as opposed to using a small channel setting. A DVR card will enable the user to perform multiple tasks simultaneously and many will be able to access their surveillance system from an Internet browser as well.

A DVR card surveillance system will come with installation software and an instruction manual that will illustrate how to use the equipment. It will not include surveillance cameras. Make certain that the video cameras you select will work harmoniously with your selected Geovision DVR surveillance system. Always verify the recommended computer specifications needed before installing equipment as well. When choosing DVR cards, make certain to determine the resolution settings, audio channels, and video surveillance features the card is capable of performing. Some of these include motion detection, various record qualities, the ability to view the surveillance footage from personal digital assistants or cell phones, Internet or LAN compatibility, video compression format, and record rate. Also, determine whether the Geovision DVR card has capabilities that will allow it to expand to a larger system. Always review the features listed with live display, as this is the area that will inform you what to expect when using your surveillance system. An important feature that can alert users to crime is an alert feature or a popup that will alert the user that motion has been detected.

Video surveillance systems are utilized by a wide array of citizens and business owners. Government organizations frequently use surveillance video to monitor safety conditions and they are becoming increasingly popular with schools. Homeowners often use video surveillance as a first line of defense against crime and studies show that the presence of exterior cameras helps deter criminals. Surveillance video footage is often one of the first forms of evidence law enforcement authorities seek to obtain during a criminal investigation. There have been numerous situations when a business utilized surveillance cameras only to find their footage was useful in solving crimes that occurred nearby the business property. Those who have cameras spanning a large area find they have the greatest amount of protection. Surveillance cameras are used both in exterior and indoor applications.

When using Geovision DVR surveillance equipment, look for options to set presets and to enable the camera to automatically patrol an area. This is a useful way to maximize the benefits of your DVR video surveillance system and enables users to preset the direction in which the camera will pan as well as the videos that will record the action.