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eSentia provides quality DVR recorders for securing industrial and personal property. A proficient digital video recorder, an electronics surveillance device, records real-time digital video to a hard disk drive, USB flash drive, memory card, or other networked storage device. The top of the line DVR recorders may refer to set-top boxes, portable media players, and personal media recorders. Recent developments have introduced televisions with a built-in digital video recorder facility. ACNielsen, a global research marketing firm, estimates a gradual increase of budget friendly DVR recorders in U.S. homes over the next decade. In fact, roughly 42% of all U.S. homes have asked for an affordable DVR recorder installation system. Needless to say, low price security DVR recorders are in demand!

A top of the line digital video recorder with security applications uses a series of closed circuit television cameras to monitor and document potential breaches. High quality DVR recorders have built-in microphones to monitor the sounds within an area. Professional DVR security recorders have evolved into devices that provide services exceeding their VCR predecessors. CCTV DVR security systems provide advanced features that surpass VCR technology, including custom security DVR searches by time, date, event, and camera type. Trusted security DVR recorders have more access controls over quality and frame rate. Optimum security DVR recorders allow for ample disk space storage. The highest quality DVR security recorders can also overwrite old security footage. Other efficient DVR security systems offer remote access to security footage using a PC through a series of DVR to LAN network connections. A small percentage of professional DVR recorders include video analytics that enable the detection of abandoned objects.

Professional DVR security recorders fall into one of two categories, including PC-based and embedded formats. A PC-based, efficient security DVR recorder has built-in features that enable the device to capture digital images. Professional embedded DVR security devices function as an efficient digital video recorder with their installed operating system, application software, and read-only memory settings. Each type of premier security DVR recorder will depend on the purchaser’s intended application.

eSentia’s top of the line DVR security devices offer all of the hardware features included in quality stand alone DVR devices. These hardware features include rack mounting and desktop configurations, single and multiple inputs, looping video outputs, controlled external video outputs, front panel switches, multiple network connections, connections to external control devices, external zoom drives, external media, internal CD, DVD, and VCR devices, alarm input and output devices. Archaic VCR hardware features simply do not compare to an efficient security DVR device.

eSentia’s top of the line stand alone DVR recorders also offer multiple software features without limitations, including user-directed image capture rates, selectable image resolution settings, multiple compression methods for overall quality playback, motion detection, lack of detection sensing abilities, input video routing for monitoring, time and date stamping, alarm and event logging, search database, multiple sound recording channels and archival settings. These software features enable the user to monitor the targeted premises with minimal effort, unlike their predecessors.

eSentia guarantees low price security DVR devices below the company’s competition. Low budget stand alone DVR recorders come from a variety of prolific DVR security manufacturers, including Everfocus, CCTV Star, CNB, and Geovision. Each low cost DVR security product description has fully disclosed specifications, and a video describing how it works. The DVR security recorder PDF download option allows shoppers to look at the manual before buying it online. Each DVR security recorder has something different to offer, so look carefully before making a choice. A refurbished DVR security recorder might suffice, depending on the client’s needs. Contact eSentia directly to see if they offer bargain DVR security recorders.

eSentia also recommends low cost stand alone DVR accessories and related items that may improve the device’s functionality. In addition, eSentia provides answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) about pertinent information regarding order status, company guarantees, pricing and billing details, international shipping, and other store related policies. The security company also offers technical support for those who have purchased any of the exceptional DVR security recorders in the company’s inventory. Additional payment options are offered under a secure shopping cart. Each security DVR recorder’s weight may vary, which will significantly increase shipping prices according to the desired shipment method.

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