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IR Illuminator

If you worry about the activity outside your home or office, you may use a security camera to monitor it. However, when darkness falls, your security camera can't show you see what's going on outside by itself. Security cameras need light to capture images, so they can't produce a clear picture in the dark. Fortunately, you can still use your security camera to monitor activity in the dark if you purchase an infrared illuminator. By enveloping the outside of your home or office with infrared light that is invisible to the naked eye, your IR illuminator protects you from intruders and other criminals.

About Infrared Illuminators

An IR illuminator is an electronic device that emits low frequency electromagnetic radiation known as infrared light. This light is invisible to humans, but it is sufficient for a camera. If you purchase an infrared illuminator, your camera will continue to function properly, but no intruders that come around your office or home will be able to see the light.

Infrared Illuminators and Closed Circuit Television Systems

Infrared illuminators are extremely useful with CCTV systems. These systems are most commonly used to monitor government facilities, shopping malls, and banks. In some cases, CCTV may be used to monitor private homes. Because most security breaches happen after dark, IR illuminators are very useful for surveillance purposes. Installing an IR illuminator allows the facility in question to monitor the activity around the building during the time when problems are most likely to occur.

Types of IR Illuminators

There are three predominant types of infrared illuminators: lasers, lamps, and diodes. A laser infrared illuminator is ideal for capturing long-range images with superior quality and is capable of operating even in inclement weather. Laser infrared illuminators are most commonly used by the military. Lamps are better for capturing facial features and can also operate at long distances. Finally, diodes are inexpensive, small, and good for illuminating small areas.

IR illuminators work best with black and white cameras. The reason for this is that most color cameras include filters that block infrared light in order to enhance the quality of captured images. Some cameras are capable of capturing images in both black and white and color. Cameras with dual modes may switch from one mode to another automatically or manually.

Benefits of IR Illuminators

Installing an IR illuminator allows your security camera to capture images in the dark, which is the most dangerous time for your office or home. Most criminals try to break into buildings in the dark. However, because infrared light is undetectable by humans, you will be able to capture visual images of intruders without their knowledge. Infrared illuminators keep your property safe at all times of the day, allowing you to rest comfortably without worrying about the security of your buildings. If a break-in does occur, you will have video footage to help you capture and prosecute the person responsible for the security breach.

Why Buy Illuminators Online?

You can buy infrared illuminators online or from a brick and mortar retailer. However, buying your infrared illuminators online offers several advantages. First of all, when you shop online at eSentia, you avoid the hassle of traveling to a traditional retail location. You will also have a much larger variety of products to choose from since a traditional retailer can only stock a certain number of illuminators in the store. If you try to purchase a certain infrared illuminator from a traditional retail location and it is not available, you must travel to another retail location or ask the original store to order an illuminator for you. Conversely, if you shop for your infrared illuminator online at eSentia, you can easily order the illuminator you need without traveling from place to place.

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