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Specialty Camera

Technological advancements and the reduced price of camera and electronic circuitry make it possible to purchase an affordable specialty camera for a reasonable price. Specialty cameras come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges to fit easily within your budget. Keeping an eye on your kids at the bus stop is easy when you consider a top of the line bus stop camera that will give you a good view of the bus stop. Other specialty cameras include an outside mounted efficient car rearview camera as an aftermarket item to add to your car. An efficient car rearview camera allows a driver to see what’s behind the car when backing up. This is helpful for families with small children who like to play in the driveway or garage area.

Many families have turned to an affordable specialty camera to fill the gap in their video security program. With a properly configured video surveillance system hooked up to a computer, a person can keep an eye on things from afar. Accessing a home-based security system is easy when you use a computer, a web browser, and the right application. Some video security systems even have the capability for access via a smart phone when a computer isn’t handy. When you add recording capabilities to the system, this provides a log of events that occur in front of the camera. A top of the line bus stop camera complements most any home video security and surveillance system. Choose an indoor top of the line friendly bus stop camera with a fixed lens for the best results.

Aftermarket Rearview Car Camera

Home security is important, but when you have little children who like to play in the driveway or garage, consider an efficient car rearview camera, one of many specialty cameras available for an after-market install. An efficient car rearview camera mounts on the exterior of your car. This kind of camera is especially helpful for people that do a lot of commuting or work from their vehicles. Many professionals, such as tow-truck or even taxi drivers, use this same kind of rearview car camera to help see behind them as they back up. The best rearview car camera has a fixed lens and easily mounts on the exterior of your vehicle.

The best rearview car camera installs easily and quickly and once installed, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it. An exterior camera for backing up just makes sense, especially with the many blind spots when you’re trying to back up a vehicle. With the best rearview car camera installed on your vehicle, you’ll never worry about parallel parking again – it will be a breeze! Having a camera that allows you to see what you’re doing when you’re backing up will completely change your driving experience. The best rearview car camera connects to a liquid crystal display screen or mini TV in your vehicle.

Features of Specialty Cameras

Features of specialty camera vary by camera type. Pay attention to the Lux rating, because that tells you the camera’s low-light capabilities. Look for specialty cameras that have a dynamic noise reduction feature, as this helps to reduce interference in the camera. Check the lens focal rate to determine the distance the camera is capable of recording clearly. Review the image sensor and note the type. A “CCD” sensor is a sensor used with an analog camera, whereas a “CMOS” sensor works from a chip in the camera’s circuitry. Both sensors work the same when it comes to capturing the image and light and converting it to an electrical signal displayed on a monitor. For more information on specialty cameras, please check these links:


The benefits of adding specialty cameras to your home video security system, or adding a rearview mounted camera to your car offer a sense of control for your vehicle, or peace of mind to your home video security system. Besides adding a specialty camera, such as a bus-stop camera, consider adding cameras both real and fake to the external area of your home. Outside cameras require a special waterproofing housing to protect them from the elements and they serve a dual purpose: besides allowing you to see what’s going on externally, before opening a door to a stranger, cameras also serve to deter criminal activity. To find out more about closed circuit security television systems, please review the following links: